Day #31 of the October Blogging Challenge 




So the title to this day is a bit open minded for me ‘Halloween’ Im going to use this to bring you a what I got up to style of blog to share with you my Halloween experience.

First of all i would like to say a very happy halloween, and i hope you’ve had a day full of joy!

A halloween is not a halloween without carving a pumpkin, I’m one of the minority that LOVE the smell of pumpkin there it no better smell then opening a pumpkin and putting your hand in and pulling out all the inside.

I had a rather small pumpkin so i wanted it to look cute, so i gave him a tooth and a little nose.

After carving the pumpkin, it was time to get ready for the trick n treaters!

After a while we decided to take the pup on a walk round the estate to see other peoples pumpkins and decorations.


When we got back we warmed up with a nice cup of tea and a chocolate apple yummy.


I done a friends make up for her i done a skull type look it was my first ever attempt and i was impressed personally..


Now it’s time to settle down and watch some Halloween films!




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