October ReCap


Recapping on October; 

During October i done the October blogging challenge, which i actually throughly enjoyed. Im not going to lie i didn’t think i would get through it, some days some of the posts were a bit out of my comfort zones or i didn’t know how to write them but hey i done it. Some days they were later then I had promised due to being stupidly busy, But I hope you enjoyed reading these blogs and getting to know me abit more as much as i really enjoyed putting the content together for you.

The first day of the challenge was my October goals, so i thought in this post i will recap what my goals where do you can see if I stick to them. 

My goals were – 
To complete the October blogging challenge; I DONE THAT!
Start project pan; IN PROGRESS.
Save Money Not Splurge; I DONE THAT!
Take More Care With My Hair; I DONE THAT! I even got a hair chop! take a look back here 

The goals i set where achievable because theres no point setting unrealistic goals, and i managed to achieve all of my goals or make progress on them, which makes October seem an even more successful month. 
Doing this challenge has actually taught me a lot more then what i thought it ever would, its taught me that daily blogging involes a lot more going on behind the scenes and is way more hectic then blogging 2-3times a week, but i think blogging daily is something i might look to start achieving in the new year. 
Its taught me that some of the posts outside of my comfort grounds are sometimes the best ones.
Its taught me how to manage my content and create better qualities in my content and they way I want to present my content

Each day has helped me learn a little more about myself, and its challenged me to write more about myself which is something i dont usually like to do. 
I would highly recommend any blogger new or old to do a blogging challenge one month, i think its something refreshing and fun to do. 
The next challenge i will be looking out for will be around December/Christmas, weather its a blogmas or a December blogging challenge i dont know yet.. 

October has now gone and its onto another month.. 
November; brings bon fire night.. A night in front of a roaring fire and the sky filled with fireworks, and toasted marshmallows to warm your belly…



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