Whats In My bag

As you would have seen from my recent purchases i have a new handbag which i love. I have decked my handbag out with everything i think i need in my bag..


Its plain black with a little pouch in the front with a little bag that sits in it which is white which contrasts with the black. Its a lovely deep handbag. One thing that i loved about this bag more then the others is the handles there nice and long so i can use it in multiple ways i.e.; on my shoulder, on my arm or in my hand. Its lovely and sturdy and i just love it.
Its from Primark and its £12. I dont tend to buy bags from Primark, but i saw this in there and literally feel in love with it, i went back to it two or three times before finally purchasing it.

Starting off with the little white bag/pouch; 
In here i keep some necessities,
Paracetamol (you never know when you might need it),
The Body Shop Hand Cream
Lip smackers
Pocket Mirror

In The Handbag;
A shopping bag
Tangle Teezer
River Island Purse
Seventeen Contour Kit

Deepening on what lipstick I’m wearing i will normally pop that in my bag incase i need to re apply.
Then i fill it with anything else that i need for that day. I like to keep my bag neat and tidy so i can find things.



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