Flawless Foundation

Does your foundation ever look like its just sitting on your skin even when you feel you’ve blended for hours? 
Does your foundation look uneven or patchy? 
Does your face look like a mask? 

Here are my tips on achieving a flawless foundation; 

I always say the best way to get a good foundation is starting at the base. A good skincare routine then fresh clean moisturised and primed skin.

Look back at my previous posts all about primers here;
Best Primers For Dry Skin
All About Primers

Once your skin is primed and ready conceal any imperfections with a concealer thats a shade darker then your skin tone. Or if needed do some colour correcting. Learn about colour correcting here.

Decide what application tool is best for you; 

Theres so many different ways to apply foundation, choose the technique that suits you and your skin. Weather its using a;
Beauty Blender;
Foundation brush – theres hundreds of different types, flat brushes, kabuki style thin or thick. Its all about personal preference theres no right or wrong.
Make sure your applicator is clean.

Decide what finish you’re wanting to achieve; 

No Make Up Look
Again its personal preference. 

Choose a foundation suited to your skin and what finish you want; 

Get colour matched that one of the biggest musts in finding a foundation. Match your foundation on your jaw line/neck not your actual face.
Find a shade that matches your skin, if its to light you will look like a ghost and you will find no matter if its a full coverage foundation it won’t give you the full coverage look. If its to dark it won’t match your neck.
Personally i think that its better to get a foundation one shade darker then your skin especially if you tan a lot, and its easier to balance out your skin with a slightly darker foundation then a lighter foundation. Also if you like a really highlighted under eye this will make your whole face appear lighter so using a darker foundation will lighten when highlighted.

Choose the foundation that complements the finish you want, ie. using a matte foundation and wanting a dewy finish you will have to use illuminators to get that finish. 


If when applying foundation its looks as if its sitting on your skin or going patchy add one to two drops of serum/oil to your foundation and this will help it blend out a dream. *even if you have oily skin it works and doesn’t make your skin oily* This does make your foundation have a glow also so its perfect if you want dewy skin.

Set your foundation 

For Matte; Set your foundation with a powder Translucent powder Or a shade that matches your foundation. This helps the foundation last and stops transferring.
For Dewy; Use a setting spray, Urban Decay do one of the best i find.



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