A Day In The Life;- Sunday

A Day In The Life.png

As many of my returning readers will know Sundays are my favourite day of the week, and i tend to have a little routine and do the same thing every Sunday. So i thought i would do a whole post dedicated to what Sundays mean to me.

Im old fashioned in a way, and believe that Sunday’s are a day of ‘rest’ a day to relax with family and loved ones.

The Morning;

Sunday is an excuse to have a lay in, I tend to find that i finally crawl out of bed about 10am on a Sunday which i know is super lazy.
Once up i start my day like any other… with a coffee..


Once I’ve consumed my coffee i give the whole place a top to bottom clean, i feel this is setting the scene for the week and getting everything prepared for the week ahead. Once i’ve finished cleaning its time to take the pup out, every Sunday we take him for a massive 1.5-2hour walk down the country park he loves it. This week we also took out my partners sister’s little pug called Buddy, his Merlin’s best friend so they loved it.


Once home it was time to warm up with a hot drink, and fill the house with candles before heading into the bath for a lovely long soak.

To pamper my skin i tried the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb mask.


After getting my cosy’s on its time to do some dinner we had boiled potatoes with chicken and sprouts hmm.. Then its time to do some blog posts *hello* whilst waiting for I’m a celebrity get me out of here to start..




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