Primark Lashes;- Thoughts..


As i recently featured on my recent purchases haul, i have started purchasing lashes from Primark. I know what your thinking the typical stereotypical oh there only £1 there going to be rubbish ect, well you couldn’t be any more wrong. Primark this last year has seriously upped its game. I have had now numous styles of lashes from Primark and loved them all.

My all time favourites are sultry, there just everything i love about lashes, there thin there wispy i love them. These are my current go to lashes.
I personally wasn’t keen on the Volume ones, i found them to big and over powering.

If looked after these lashes can last a good 2+ times, which for the price i think is amazing, but they are delicate and can break easier then other lashes i have had in the past.

My only advice is use your own glue, the glue provided is honestly rubbish, i use Duo personally you can easily pick up a decent lash glue and it will last forever as you only need such a little bit.

 These are such a bargain at only £1 i highly recommend checking these lashes out they will surprise you how good they actually are.

here is a selection of pictures of me wearing the lashes.

what are your thoughts?



4 thoughts on “Primark Lashes;- Thoughts..

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