Christmas Is Coming!

I can officially say that Christmas is coming;-
On Thursday I went to the official light switch on in my town and this is a post all about what i got up to that day;


Aren’t the days so Autumn Wintery now, the colours on this tree are beautiful.

My outfit of the day;
I went for warmth as i knew I was going to be outside until late in the cold,
I went for my go to comfy Black Dolly Shoes from Primark, these are just the most comfiest shoes ever there not exactly warm though.. Then i wore some New Look Leggings, again these are my go to leggings i always wear leggings! For warmth i went with a long sleeve black t-shirt for a layer then i topped it with my New Look Leather Jacket, i love this jacket i got it last year its just so comfy and warm. For extra warmth i wrapped up in my new Primark Blanket Scarf, this is so beautiful..
In all nothing to glamorous just a comfortable warm outfit.

To start the day off myself and my partner went for a little date at the cinema to watch I, Daniel Blake. This is a film with so much meaning and so realistic its so raw and emotional. Its about a man who has a heart attack and is signed off sick but gets refused sick benefits as they deem him fit to work. It may sound really corny but its defiantly worth a watch.

After the film we were both feeling hungry so theres only one place to go..


And thats Subway of course, i love Subway, as i was feeling festive i decided to try there festive feast this is made up of sausage, turkey and bacon. Topped with lettuce, onion, tomatoes & pickles. YUM. 

Then we headed into town, to do some Christmas shopping for family and to get some  Christmas decorations.

Once we finished shopping it was time to head over to watch the light switch on, this is the last year that there will be a ‘ball tree’ from next year it will be returning to a traditional christmas tree which is so exciting.

After looking at the tree and the lights and having a festive sing song, we went into some more shops including lush and it was the first time i managed to have a prober look at the christmas collection, santasourous looks so cute. I didn’t purchase anything this time but i have some ideas of what i want to get.

By this point in the evening i was freezing cold so I had to get a hot chocolate from McDonalds, and i fell in love with the cup I’m a sucker for bears as it is and this was super cute.


This has got me so in the festive mood, i cannot wait to start decorating and to bring out the candles and lights and all things Christmas.


Over December instead of doing a set December or Christmas blogging challenge I’m going to do blogmas;- Blogmas for those who haven’t heard of it is a daily festive blog post leading up to Christmas like a advent calendar/count down. 





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