For all of my loyal readers you will know my blog as ‘pixie beauty bible’

First i want to say sorry for not posting loads lately i have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work which you will now see.


I have now changed my blog name over to alethea trnt there will be not much difference i will still mainly do beauty blogs but this gives me the freedom to add in additional posts as you would have read on the October blogging challenge on the ‘The Story Behind The Blog Name‘ i have wanted to change my name for a while now.


I chose Alethea Trnt because one Alethea is my actual name, and two its the same as all my social medias so it links all my online profiles together as one.

Thank you for your continued support and likes and comments, i see the ones that like and read every post and i thank you for that.

Soon i will be doing a give away so keep a look out and i hope you enjoy the new theme and work that i have put into my blog these last few weeks.


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