Favourite Fall Candles


I love candles, i think there so relaxing and can just change the dimension of a room. I always have candles burning, especially scented ones that make the room smell amazing. In the fall with the colder nights there perfect for warming a room to.

I love the fall scented candles, the typical cinnamon scented ones *hmm*.

I’ve already burnt through a load of candles since October and were not even in December yet these are a selection of a few of my favourites.

Yankee Pain Au Rasin – I love this it smells so cinnamony but sweet.

Cork Candle From Home Base Spiced Orange & Cinnamon – As soon as i smelt this i feel in love its just a classic cinnamon candle. This burnt so well and lasted a good 3+weeks. *being burnt for approx 1-3hrs per evening*


Krispy Kreme Powdered Blueberry – I was bought this for my birthday, and on first smell i HATED it, but its one that once it had burnt it ended up smelling lovely. But it barely lasted a week.

Quote Candle Apple Scented Card Factory – This burnt really rubbish, it went completely lopsided then the wick ended up in the wax it turned into a right mess. The smell was lovely so i was gutted.

Halloween Candle;– This is actually the candle holder inside was a classic vanilla pillar candle from Wilko this has lasted 3+weeks and the smell is so strong all the way until the end.

Currently i am burning a Cork apple & elderflower its not really Autumnal but its the only other candle i had left. I can’t wait for December so i can start burning some more Christmasy scents. I have already purchased a couple one being Spiced apple and cinnamon and it smells amazing.

 I love Yankee candles i do think there amazing, but my bank balance doesn’t like them so i have tried to find some cheaper alternatives. But over the festive period i will purchase one or two yankee’s purely because they are value for money and over christmas i burn candles almost constantly..
I love the Cork candles from home base however, i think these are the best cheapest alternative to a yankee i have ever found and there only £2.75 which is such a bargain.



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