How I Do My Blog Pictures;- Flat Lays

How I do my blog pictures; Flat lays. 

Flat lay blog & instagram pictures are all the must, so i thought i would show you how i do my flat lay’s.

Here are a selection of my flat lays. 

Personally i prefer my flat lays on a white background, to do this i actually have a white board, which is off an old ikea chest of draws.
You can make your own with a piece of polystyrene or any other board of wood then cover it in a sticky back plastic to create a background.

I place the board nearest to the natural light source which generally speaking is on my bed near the window.
These are the days that i miss the summer when i used to actually go outside to take my pictures because natural light makes the best pictures.

The dull autumn days means that theres limited natural light so i have purchased a little light for the times that flash just isn’t doing it. Ive never wanted to splurge on studio lights so when i found this on amazon for under £15 i had to try it, i highly recommend it for anyone on a budget and that needs an additional light source for photos.

To break the photos up and to add a pop of colour i have a range of props, from note pads & wall hangers to photo cards.


These photo cards i purchased from paper chase for 70p each. I go for ones that will add a pop into the pictures. 

Its not all about having the best camera, you can easily take these pictures on a iPhone as the camera quality on them now is amazing, i still use my phone on occasions for quickness if theres just an odd photo that i need to take.
If you are going to invest in a camera i would recommend a DSLR and you can pick many of them up at an entry affordable price now.
I personally have the Cannon D1200 with a standard lens i was lucky enough to have this gifted to me last christmas, and i love it.

Unless you are extremely talented its very rare that you will take a picture and it will be perfect right away with no form of editing. When i say editing it doesn’t necessarily mean photoshopping the whole picture, editing can be from cropping a little bit where you can see excess background to lightening the picture.
As i have a macbook i use the editor on the photo album which is the exact same as any iPhone or iPad editor for me this is perfect because i only tend to crop the picture and then adjust the lightness and brightness and thats all i feel i need to do to make my pictures ready. There are a ton of photo editing programs available, but i haven’t ever personally got on with any including the hyped about photoshop.
If for some reason i need to do a deeper edit i will use a online based editor one of the following usually;

Pic Monkey


After this my pictures are ready to use on my Blog or Instagram here are a selection that i have done using the above methods.


I hope you find this helpful!



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