De Stress after a long day…

Everyone has them long stressful days where you need just an evening of relaxation to help you regain peace and a good mental attitude. I thought i would share with you what i do to de stress after a long day.

Start off with a nice hot bath;
Getting home after a long day stressful day the first thing your going to want to do is put the bath on. Pop in a bath bomb or some bubble bath to get a nice aroma with lots of bubbles then light a candle and jump in the bath and relax.

Then Relax…
Once I’ve soaked until I’ve turned into a wrinkled prune i get out the bath and snuggle straight into my dressing gown, one reason being i hate getting dry and my dressing gown does it for me, then i go into my room and light a couple of candles and put on some fairy lights so my room is all cosy.

The next steps are to pamper my skin, by using a face mask and moisturising my body top to toe. Whilst my mask is setting i spending this time painting my nails, having my nails fresh is one of the best feelings. Once my face mask is done and any moisturiser is soaked in its time to put on some cosy clothes and fluffy socks..

Once all dressed in my cosy clothing i head down stairs and make a hot drink and usually some chocolate spread on toast to give me a chocolatey boost as who doesn’t love some chocolate when there feeling bit stressed.


Heading back into my room, i then spend a few hours on my laptop wether its watching Netflix or on some form of social media or blog and i just procrastinate until my eyes can no longer stay open. I sometimes take some time to do some basic meditation here swell just to calm and really relax myself, theres many apps available to download and use.

It then means its the best time, bed time.. So i cuddle up in bed with my puppy, puppy cuddles are defiantly the best. Then i am all ready to face the next day feeling positive and fresh.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 23.32.53.png





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