Products Youtube Made Me Buy

This is a tag i have seen so much on youtube lately, you tubers are one of the biggest influencers there are i think so brands use this to the best of there advantage by sending free products to you tubers in the hope they will feature it in a video or sometimes there paid to feature it in the video which then it gets interest in the product and the brand name in the hope that people will purchase there products. Just because there hyped about on youtube it doesn’t always mean that there as good as they sound, sometimes its just down to personal preference. I have fallen for this on many occasions myself and ended up splurging on a product that really isn’t worth it but as an influencer you believe that what they say is true.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer £17



This is one of the most hyped about highlighters on youtube, personally when i first purchased it i was really disappointed i really didn’t like it i felt it didn’t show up but i stuck with it and over time its actually turned out to be one of my favourite highlighters its so subtle but has a beautiful pop of shimmer to it.

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation – £32 



This foundation is meant to be amazing, so i bought this in the hope that its going to cover all my imperfections and i was going to look flawless like the youtubers do.. No, this foundation for me really didn’t work. It always came out patchy, and it really hasn’t got a luminous finish. I was so disappointed in this product.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – £6



This sponge was meant to be a cheap alternative for the beauty blender which i love so i was up for trying this its half the price so i thought why not give it a try. Personally i really dislike the sponge because its doesn’t expand when its wet, and i think its really hard i feel like I’m bouncing a brick on my face. I much prefer the beauty blender.

Urban Decay 


In general any Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes are hyped about, especially the naked collection. I went for the basics 2 as its got lots of natural browns and there perfect for me. Then when i was going to purchase the naked 3 the Gwen palette was released for the same price and has so many beautiful colours in, its actually one of my favourite all time palettes.
Urban decay naked basics concealer, This is amazing i have it in one of the lightest shade its such a lightweight brightening formula.



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