How To Organise Your Blog

Everyone has there own methods and ways they like to feel organised when blogging, wether its writing draft blog posts, making lists, or jotting down ideas, i thought i would share with you my tips on how i keep myself and my posts organised.

Manage Your Ideas;
I have a note pad in which at the beginning of the month i write down a long list of ideas of blog posts that i think i want to do, i then divide up the blog posts equally so there isn’t all beauty one week and all lifestyle or other the next i like to do it so it varies so one day theres a beauty related post the next a lifestyle post ect..

I personally like to take my pictures in bulk, then i take all the pictures that i will need for each blog post and tick them off as i go along i take way more pictures then i need but i normally take around 5 blog posts worth of pictures in one go. These pictures will be used throughout my blog swell as social media.
Here is how i take my flat lay pictures.


Once the pictures are taken and i know what pictures i have to work with i start to draft out the post. I start by focusing on the main points i want to cover in the blog once i have all my ideas down i start to edit the post by taking one idea and turning it into content by explaining the idea or filling in facts.

Finishing Touches; 
Once i have finished my draft copy i re read what i have written and correct myself on any mistakes. Then i add in the pictures and make the post look pretty by changing certain fonts or adding in headings ect.

Personally i love the scheduling feature, with such a flexible and life in the moment life i have i like to have my post for the next one or two days already scheduled normally for sometime between 4-6 then no matter what may happen or where i may be at that moment my blog will go live and there will be a post go up. Its only on a very rare occasion that i write a post and it goes up that same day. I like to have my posts for the week planned and ready. I think if i couldn’t schedule my posts i would feel a lot more stressed, i like to see my posts ready and planned.
If you prefer to have this in written format there is so many cool free printable weekly planners that are available to download and fill in.

Do What Suits You;
Just because this is how i keep myself organised it does mean its going to work for you, just because another bloggers told you thats how they keep themselves organised doesn’t mean its going to work for them. The only way that will truly work is the routine you will find yourself doing naturally.
Wether you write your ideas down on your phone, on paper or somewhere else it doesn’t matter. Organising is personal to each person.



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