2016; A Look Back & 2017 Goals..

2016.. A year in the past, another book closed. Here is a look back of my year.. 

January – March; 

These 3 months pasted pretty fast;
January marked the year anniversary i got my little pup..
Myself & James went to London for the weekend in January and experienced Krispy Kreme Donuts. In March we celebrated our 4th Anniversary.

April – June; 

These months were some of my favourites, i spent a lot of time creating a beautiful bond with my Niece & Nephew i also had a lot of family time with my sister, dad & grandparents which are some of the most precious memories.
In April me & James went to 02 to see WWE live.
In May i went to see Busted, who were one of my childhood favourite bands they were amazing. We spent a lovely weekend in Wembley alongside this.

July – September; 

July started amazing, me & james had a weekend away in essex where i met Olly Murs..
The end of the month ended leaving me in one of the lowest places I’ve ever been when my dad sadly passed away.
To be honest August & September flew by and  was full of dark days and some of the hardest days I’ve ever been through, including the funeral.. I was lucky enough to have James by myside to keep me as up as possible. On one of the days he dragged me out the house we went to the summer time festival and saw some beautiful fireworks and i love this picture that was taken it has a ‘Peter Pan’ feel about it to me.

October – December; 

October was a really nice month its one of my favourite months anyway, i celebrated my 21st birthday, i took part in the October blogging challenge which was really fun and something i really enjoyed, We had Halloween to..
November we went to a panto, watched fantastic beasts and where to find them..
December was a festive month, i started blogmas but half way though i found myself emotional and not in the right head space to continue so i have had some time off. Christmas was really nice, but was also really hard as it was the first without my dad.

Now that chapter is over its time to start another one with 2017.

They say a new year is a new book which is up to you to fill, and that what i plan on doing this year.
Its all about keeping positive, and i plan on using my blog a whole lot more, in a way during 2016 i have neglected my blog which does upset me and i haven’t always been as constant at posting content that i would like.

2017 Goals; 

  • To be more consent with my blogs, to create quality content.
  • To remain as positive as can be.
  • To get a bit healthier. (not go on some mad fasting diet and change completely but just to the point that i feel happy with myself)
  • Save money.
  • Continue with my project pan.
  • Use my instagram & twitter more.

These are some of the main points i would like to do in 2017, i hope that by the end of the year i can tell you I’ve successfully completed them all but who knows..

I want to wish you all the best of health and happiness in 2017 💕



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