LED Cinema Light Box Thoughts

LED Cinema boxes are becoming more and more popular there a little light box with letters where you can write your own phrase upon it and then light it up, its really simple but so effective.

After wanting one for months, but just not willing to pay £25 for one and they all looked to big for my dressing table and it would mean i would have to re arrange it all again i finally found a box within my budget and the perfect size for my needs.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 20.18.26.png

About the box;
A5 Sized – 210 x 148mm
85 Characters Included
Runs off AAA Batteries Or DC Plug.
£8 From the works. ** These are currently out of stock so i found an amazon alternative if you want to check it out; – http://amzn.to/2iSv2Ja

Setting Up;
I was chuffed with the light i couldn’t wait to get home and start putting it to use. When i took the light box out of the packaging i was confused to where the characters where but once i turned the box around i noticed theres a little compartment on the back to keep all the characters which i thought was such a good idea because one thing i always thought was I’m going to loose letters but this way its practically impossible. They also supply about 10 blank squares to write your own letters or use them as spaces or whatever your imagination allows you.. It was as simple unscrewing two screws popping the batteries in closing it up, choosing your phrase and turning the switch on.  So easy.

I am honestly chuffed with this, its the perfect size for what i need and its sturdy and its so easy to swap and change the characters. It lights up all really well and can be a really nice feature to any room.

Key Points; 
I love the letter storage on the back.
The changing of the letters are really easy, the only thing to bear in mind is to keep the box upright if not the letters will move around.
It lights up so well and can be used for so many different purposes.
The fact that its battery powered is amazing because it can be put anywhere and easily moved.

Here are some examples of the times i’ve used it; 

I love this it makes a beautiful additional feature to my dressing table. I really wish i got this sooner as it would have been really nice to have some festive ideas on here.

Packaging 4/5
Setting Up 5/5
Overall 5/5

I love this, its something i would honestly recommend to anyone there so multipurpose its amazing.



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