About Me

Hello;- My name is Alethea, I’m 21 years old.
Im from Suffolk United Kingdom.
I have a passion for make up, beauty and all things related I’m a self taught makeup artist and a qualified nail technician.

This is my blog, my space on the world wide web to express my thoughts on makeup wether its a review or a tutorial and over time i have learnt that i have a passion for blogging about my outfit of the days and what i get up to.


I have recently changed my blog name from pixie beauty bible to Alethea Trnt purely because i felt that pixie beauty bible restricted me to only doing beauty and make up related blog posts where as i feel i prefer to have to option to add in fashion posts, or a random bake post I’m not limited to only doing certain posts. Alethea Trnt is all my social media user names swell so it sort of ties everything together really.

I have a puppy, a chihuahua he’s my best friend and i adore him so expect to see him pop up every now and again especially on my instagram!


Im Tinkerbell and Fairy mad, i love anything to do with fairies or tinker bell.



Check out my contact me page on where to follow me and how to contact me.




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