Dear Followers;- Real Talk

Dear followers, 

First i would like to thank everyone who’s stuck by my blog highs and lows and all the subscribers i have I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you.
This is a post with some real talk for you all and a little whats been going on.

So i started this blog about 1.5-2years ago and i started it with the intention of just expressing my love thoughts and hauls all to do with beauty, then as time went on i discovered some other blogging ideas that i found that i enjoyed doing and you enjoyed reading and they are more ‘fashion and lifestyle’ posts i would say so outfits of the day’s what I’ve been up to ect.. and i never thought i would have the confidence to do these posts but i have had and its all thanks to your amazing support.

Then 8months ago my personal life changed and my world was turned upside down with the passing of my father, and its taken such a toll on my life which has affected by posts, i used to upload so regularly now the last few months i go through a stage where I’m really motivated and feeing good then the next week I’m struggling and i suppose this is all apart of grieving for someone so special in life.
I felt the quality of my posts were so dreadfully poor I’ve actually gone back now and removed some if i could i would remove most of them.

I want to get back to having a positive blog space and producing something I’m proud of, I’ve always loved my blog and its an adventure my dad loved to hear about as he was a IT geek.

So what I’m going to do is over the next week really give my blog a revamp and update everything that needs to be done and start planning some posts like i used to and channel all my energy back into my blog, I’m currently out of work so i find myself procrastinating a lot but i want to achieve more positives and really re find myself and me and apart of me is this little space of the internet.

Im going to do more varied blogs i used to always think oh no thats going to be good enough or oh thats clique all bloggers do or say that but from experience reading some of blogs have helped me and if i can help anyone in any way i can.

Bare with me i am back and more active, and I’m so thankful for all the views and likes i continued to receive when i went MIA.

I want to do a massive give away to all my followers so keep a look out.


love to you all





For all of my loyal readers you will know my blog as ‘pixie beauty bible’

First i want to say sorry for not posting loads lately i have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work which you will now see.


I have now changed my blog name over to alethea trnt there will be not much difference i will still mainly do beauty blogs but this gives me the freedom to add in additional posts as you would have read on the October blogging challenge on the ‘The Story Behind The Blog Name‘ i have wanted to change my name for a while now.


I chose Alethea Trnt because one Alethea is my actual name, and two its the same as all my social medias so it links all my online profiles together as one.

Thank you for your continued support and likes and comments, i see the ones that like and read every post and i thank you for that.

Soon i will be doing a give away so keep a look out and i hope you enjoy the new theme and work that i have put into my blog these last few weeks.

How do i make my foundation last longer?

I get asked a lot how do i get my foundation to make my make up have a matte finish and set my make up (without using a setting spray).

My secret weapon is my MAC Skin finish.


To be honest this is something i have used more recently but since its made my foundation routine look flawless i now dont know how i went without it, and i have learnt the importance in setting my foundation.
I was recommended this by the mac artist when i got colour matched again recently, i have this is a medium shade which is near enough matches my skin maybe adds a little warmth.

The compact is a matte case with a mirror on the lid and the product on the bottom half, its very slick and is £24 this is provides minimal coverage so i wouldn’t recommend using alone.

Once i have finished my foundation i just take a light dusting of this on a big fluffy brush ( I use the blue Lottie London powder brush) to do this.

I also take this is my handbag because its perfect for any touch ups throughout the day.

I first thought the price was rather steep but then i have learnt how long it will last it really is worth the money, i would love to find a drug store dupe for this however!


I would recommend this i think its brilliant to just use to set any foundation or bb cream and its a perfect compact to travel with and touch your make up during the day.

have you used this or any other mac powders?


Essentials & Rebuys

Hello my beautiful’s

So i hope your all okay, so i went on a mini shopping haul, mainly for ‘essentials & rebuys’


So here is what i got, nothing glorious and special just some things i find myself rebuying…

So every girl/woman needs these and they seem to just disappear…. bobby pins! These seem to have legs and get up and walk away from me, i can never find them when i need them! So i bought a new pack of these.

Garnier Micellar Water; i love, love love this! Its beautiful, you’ll of seen this on my blog before, i used to buy the mini ones for £1. As the large ones are normally about £4 but this big one was £2 so i could not resist buying. I am obsessed with this, it takes make up off like butter off a knife, it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. Its brilliant to use before my makeup swell to ensure my face is completely clean. This is something i will rebuy constantly!

Garnier Oil Beauty; I once received a sample of this, and i used it and i have been on the hunt for it, so when i found this big bottle for £4 i had to purchase. It smells divine, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful all day. Its nice and light its not like a body butter style cream it feels light on my skin and soaks in quickly.

Loreal Magic Blur Moisturiser; This isn’t a repurchase but I’ve heard a lot of people rave about this, and I’ve looked at getting it for a while so when i saw it on offer at £7 i thought i’d have to try it. Ive only used it for a few days so far but wow it makes my skin feel so smooth. I am looking forward to using this more and hopefully seeing more benefits come from it.

Sure Roll On Deodorant; So this is pretty standard, i normally use the sure sprays but i just really fancied giving the roll on a try so i thought why not! Bargain at £1.

Simple Eye Make Up Remover; So even though i normally use my micellar water on my eyes, i thought ide try this to actually remove my eye make up. Ive heard good things about this and it was part of a 3 for 2 so it became free i thought it would be a good try out and its a lovely handy size which is perfect for when I’m traveling!

Last but no means least Wilko Strawberry Body Scrub so i have used other smells from the wilko range, and i needed a body scrub and these aren’t to course (sometimes i find the body shop ones a little to course for my sensitive skin) and it has such a beautiful smell at 95p it was a complete bargain. i repurchase this lots just in different scents. It leaves my bathroom smelling beautiful to!

So i know this wasnt really much of a make up haul it was more of a skin care style haul,
but i hope you enjoyed it,
have you used any of these products? if so what are your opinions..

Keep a look out on my instagram for all exclusive pictures; aletheatrenter8 

Soon coming up i have a make up of the day planned.
Let me know if theres anything else you would like to see.

Until next time my lovelies.