Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make

Over time my make up skills and trends have certainly changed, the way i look at make up and the outcome of make up has changed. I thought i would share with you some of the mistakes* i used to make.

Here is a list of beauty mistakes i used to make*

  • Not matching my foundation correct and believing that i had incredibly pale skin so i looked like a ghost.
  • I used to smother my face in talcum powder because i thought it made my skin feel soft I was about 12 ok!
  • Neglecting my brows – i even shaved them off once and thought that drawing on tadpole shaped eye brows was nice? Then i though that over grown brows wouldn’t make a difference. Oh how i was wrong eyebrows are something that can make or break a make up look.
  • Applying my blush incorrectly; Looking like coco the clown with big pink dots on my cheeks.
  • Spider Legs for mascara; Remember the extremely clumpy mascara stage, i used to sleep in the mascara to make it quicker and it would build up more..
  • Foundation on lips – I’m all for nude lips but foundation on the lips it just not attractive especially when the lips are so dry and cracked.
  • Not even having a moisturiser or skin care routine until i was about 15/16
  • Not using setting spray and wondering eh why does my make up run away after 3 hours..
  • Shaving non wet legs with no products. Just the thought makes me cringe now, no wonder my legs where always cut to shreds.
  • Not realising the importance to brushes or beauty blenders. Now id be lost without my brushes and sponges. Oh and another thing is keeping them properly cleaned and sanitised.
  • Not using conditioner on my hair, so i used to shampoo it once and wonder why it was always so brittle and tangled.
  • Not putting eyeliner in my water line but under my eye. Yep i looked like a panda.


Oh wow how tragic did i used to do my make up? What i know now i defiantly didn’t know then..  I can’t find many but here are some throw back pictures of myself from the age 13-15..




*these are things i consider as a mistake, if this is something you do and it works for you then so be it. Its make up what works for one doesn’t always work for another. Everyone has there own opinions. 

Benefit They’re Real Primer

At the back end of the year i got one of the many different makeup/fashion magazines i regulary pick up, and in which there was a sample of the Benefit they’re real primer, at the time the product hadn’t launched but it now has!

I have now intact used up my sample so i thought i would tell you my opinions on this little sample and weather i am going to purchase the full size.


First impressions;
Mascara primer, you what?

Benefit they’re real tinted primer, as you can see its more of a brown then a black, but this is a primer or it can be used alone as a thin subtle coat of mascara,
Firstly i love the brush i find the bush really elongates my eyelashes, i use this and only this on my bottom lashes the brush allows me to do this without putting the mascara all over my face (which i do a lot) i also use this as a primer under my fiber lashes mascara.
To be honest i didn’t think this would personally appeal to me, but i have fallen in love with this, and i am defiantly going to repurchase the full size.

I think this would be a good underlay before apply false eyelashes.

This is retailing at £18.50 the actual mascara is £19.50 i dont think theres much difference in the two expect this is brown and the mascara is black.

have you tried this? or have you heard of a tinted mascara primer?

Essentials & Rebuys

Hello my beautiful’s

So i hope your all okay, so i went on a mini shopping haul, mainly for ‘essentials & rebuys’


So here is what i got, nothing glorious and special just some things i find myself rebuying…

So every girl/woman needs these and they seem to just disappear…. bobby pins! These seem to have legs and get up and walk away from me, i can never find them when i need them! So i bought a new pack of these.

Garnier Micellar Water; i love, love love this! Its beautiful, you’ll of seen this on my blog before, i used to buy the mini ones for £1. As the large ones are normally about £4 but this big one was £2 so i could not resist buying. I am obsessed with this, it takes make up off like butter off a knife, it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. Its brilliant to use before my makeup swell to ensure my face is completely clean. This is something i will rebuy constantly!

Garnier Oil Beauty; I once received a sample of this, and i used it and i have been on the hunt for it, so when i found this big bottle for £4 i had to purchase. It smells divine, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling beautiful all day. Its nice and light its not like a body butter style cream it feels light on my skin and soaks in quickly.

Loreal Magic Blur Moisturiser; This isn’t a repurchase but I’ve heard a lot of people rave about this, and I’ve looked at getting it for a while so when i saw it on offer at £7 i thought i’d have to try it. Ive only used it for a few days so far but wow it makes my skin feel so smooth. I am looking forward to using this more and hopefully seeing more benefits come from it.

Sure Roll On Deodorant; So this is pretty standard, i normally use the sure sprays but i just really fancied giving the roll on a try so i thought why not! Bargain at £1.

Simple Eye Make Up Remover; So even though i normally use my micellar water on my eyes, i thought ide try this to actually remove my eye make up. Ive heard good things about this and it was part of a 3 for 2 so it became free i thought it would be a good try out and its a lovely handy size which is perfect for when I’m traveling!

Last but no means least Wilko Strawberry Body Scrub so i have used other smells from the wilko range, and i needed a body scrub and these aren’t to course (sometimes i find the body shop ones a little to course for my sensitive skin) and it has such a beautiful smell at 95p it was a complete bargain. i repurchase this lots just in different scents. It leaves my bathroom smelling beautiful to!

So i know this wasnt really much of a make up haul it was more of a skin care style haul,
but i hope you enjoyed it,
have you used any of these products? if so what are your opinions..

Keep a look out on my instagram for all exclusive pictures; aletheatrenter8 

Soon coming up i have a make up of the day planned.
Let me know if theres anything else you would like to see.

Until next time my lovelies.


Make Up Revolution Haul.

So here is my make up revolution haul i promised you!


As i said in the preview make up revolution where doing a offer where you spend so much you get some selected items free! As i tell you about the products i will let you know what came free!


These are the i love make up lipsticks both in nude shades of; ‘never be a millionaire’ & ‘lips that won’t lie’. These are nice and creamy to apply but i dont think the colour is that strong, but these are definitely growing on me..
(these where part of the free bundle but are normally about £3)


This is the radiants lights in breath, its a lovely highlighting shade and the way its swirled is really cute, on my finger and was really smooth.
(this was £5)


So i got this bundle of eyeliners for £4 (there normal £1 each) there all quite bright colours compared to what i normally use, but they were really smooth, I’m quite excited to try these, it could funk up some eye do’s..


These are the lip liners which are similar to the eye liners again i got these 8 for £6 as they were a collection.
They are really smooth and such beautiful colours I’m really excited to give these a try as lipstick is something i am now really getting into.


I got this eye primer for just £1.50 now i dont normally use eye primers i just use my normal primer all over ( i know i shouldn’t ) I’m really not sure on this primer though, it has a shimmer to it, and i dont know what it will do matte eyeshadows, as i dont wear much glitter. But I’m intrigued to see if using this is any different to when i use my normal primer and see if my eye make up stays longer to.


Ok so i know i dont need any more brown/nude eyeshadows and I’m guilty to say i bought this off there sale purely because i found the packaging cute, but looking at it i actually do really like the shades in it to! So as you can see by the swatch the lipstick is a pinky nude, then you have 3 matte shadows then 3 glitter shades, the shades are really nicely pigment and i love how the lipstick just sits in the packaging.
i think this was about £2.99 in the sale there is other shades this one is the ‘i am naked’ this is so perfect for handbags. I actually love this!


This is the ‘girl panic’ eyeshadow palette. Again as most makeup revolution eye shadows there lovely and pigmented colours, i have swatched all the shades, from left to right, the first one is top row, second is second row, and third is the third row. I think all these shades are quite similar, but the pink tones glitter ones i feel are going to be nice.
(this was apart of my freebie, i think there usually around £6 there often on 3 for 2 with other palettes)


So these single eye shadows and pigments came in my freebies but there usually about £1 each, i bought the brow pencil (it was about £3.50).
On the swatch it starts with the brow pencil then the single eyeshadows followed by the pigments.
The pigments are so lovely, there so bendable and dont leave just harsh lines but last so long even with no primer ( i have other shades of pigments that i have previously purchased so i was happy when i saw they were included in the freebies)
The single shadows are all lovely, i thought that the bright yellow/green was going to be really bright but in fact is quite light but possibly build able to create a really bright neon looking colour!


So this is the colour correcting palette and concealer palette.
The concealer is in light and theres a lot of lovely shades when they seem to have a light-medium coverage but can be built up to desired coverage. This was £5 or £6 i think.
The corrector palette is beautiful, i bought this mainly for the green and purple shades as i need these colours and i haven’t been able to find any nice ones as of yet so i took a gamble with this, and on swatching i was very impressed with the green as some of the others i have had in the past are to much of a light green and look more white. so I’m really excited to start using this, Again i think it was about £5-6.


This is a red lip cream, i think its meant to be like a liquid style lip stick I’m not to sure, but i think it could look nice with a quite natural make up look as it isn’t a bright red.
Then this is a lipstick/lipgloss duo, this is super cool & cute, one end is a lipstick the the other end is a matching matte lipgloss! I would really like to get some more of these in different shades!
(these where both free, i dont know how much these are as i haven’t ever seen them on the sight)

So that is all from my make up revolution haul i done, let me know what you think of the blog, and if you have tried any of these if so what are you opinions.