Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make

Over time my make up skills and trends have certainly changed, the way i look at make up and the outcome of make up has changed. I thought i would share with you some of the mistakes* i used to make.

Here is a list of beauty mistakes i used to make*

  • Not matching my foundation correct and believing that i had incredibly pale skin so i looked like a ghost.
  • I used to smother my face in talcum powder because i thought it made my skin feel soft I was about 12 ok!
  • Neglecting my brows – i even shaved them off once and thought that drawing on tadpole shaped eye brows was nice? Then i though that over grown brows wouldn’t make a difference. Oh how i was wrong eyebrows are something that can make or break a make up look.
  • Applying my blush incorrectly; Looking like coco the clown with big pink dots on my cheeks.
  • Spider Legs for mascara; Remember the extremely clumpy mascara stage, i used to sleep in the mascara to make it quicker and it would build up more..
  • Foundation on lips – I’m all for nude lips but foundation on the lips it just not attractive especially when the lips are so dry and cracked.
  • Not even having a moisturiser or skin care routine until i was about 15/16
  • Not using setting spray and wondering eh why does my make up run away after 3 hours..
  • Shaving non wet legs with no products. Just the thought makes me cringe now, no wonder my legs where always cut to shreds.
  • Not realising the importance to brushes or beauty blenders. Now id be lost without my brushes and sponges. Oh and another thing is keeping them properly cleaned and sanitised.
  • Not using conditioner on my hair, so i used to shampoo it once and wonder why it was always so brittle and tangled.
  • Not putting eyeliner in my water line but under my eye. Yep i looked like a panda.


Oh wow how tragic did i used to do my make up? What i know now i defiantly didn’t know then..  I can’t find many but here are some throw back pictures of myself from the age 13-15..




*these are things i consider as a mistake, if this is something you do and it works for you then so be it. Its make up what works for one doesn’t always work for another. Everyone has there own opinions. 

Outfit Of The Day

Outfit Of The Day;

Here is an outfit of the day;
The weather was mild so i used a few layers to keep warm and i wore my new boots for the first time..

From top – toe. 

Headband; – This is a cute little tie up head band that i got from primark in there sale for 50P. I dont normally wear these but i really liked this and its urged me to buy more..

Scarf; – My go to scarf, this is my favourite of all time its a massive blanket scarf from Primark it was £4 and its one of the best scarfs I’ve ever had.

Cami Top; – I have a cami top on just for an extra layer of warmth.

Jumper; – This is a lovely jumper top that i got for christmas, its a really pretty grey with a lace lining on the bottom. Its from yours but i dont think they stock it no more.

Jeans;– Asda George wonderfit jeans. These are a life changer! Ive never felt comfortable in jeans until i wore these. There a jean material but so stretchy and comfortable. I highly recommend these to anyone. Asda sell them for £25.

Boots; – These are the slip on wide fit boots from Primark, I got them in the sale for £7. They have a really nice heel to them, and i love wearing them with jeans.

This is a really casual look its an outfit i just wore to nip into town, but i feel it can be worn in a more formal situation also.


This Or That Tag

Ive seen this tag a lot lately and decided to give it ago. Feel free to have a go yourself i’d love to see your answers. 


→ Makeup

Blush Or Bronzer Bronzer
Lipgloss Or Lipstick – Lipstick
Eyeliner Or MascaraMascara
Foundation Or Concealer – Foundation
Neutral Or Colour EyeshadowColour
Pressed Eyeshadow Or Pigments – Pressed
Brushes Or Beauty Blender – Beauty Blender

→ Nails

O.P.I Or China GlazeOPI
Long Or ShortLong
Acrylic Or NaturalNatural
Brights Or DarksBrights
Pattern Or No PatternNo Pattern 

→ Body

Perfume Or Body SplashPerfume
Lotion Or Body Butter Body Butter
Shower Gel Or Soap Shower Gel
LUSH Or Other Bath CompanyLush
Bath Or ShowerShower 

→ Fashion

Jeans Or LeggingsLeggings
Long Sleeve Or ShortLong
Dresses or Skirts  Dress
PJs Or Dress Up PJ’s
Flip flops Or Sandals Sandals
Scarves Or Hats Scarves
Studs Or Dangly Earrings Dangly 
Necklaces Or Bracelets Bracelet
Heels Or Flats Heels
Cowboy Boots Or Riding Boots Cowboy Boots
Jacket Or HoodyHoody

→ Hair

Curly Or StraightCurly
Bun Or Ponytail Bun
Bobby Pins Or Butterfly Clips Bobby Pins
Hair Spray Or GelHairy Spray
Long Or Short Short
Light Or Dark Dark
Up Or Down Down

→ Random

Rain Or ShineRain
Summer Or WinterWinter
Fall Or Spring Fall
Chocolate Or VanillaChocolate
Tea Or Coffee – Coffee
iPhone Or Android – IPhone
Netflix Or Youtube – Youtube


Hope you enjoyed this tag!




Stocking Fillers; Beauty Edition

This is a collection of products perfect to fill a stocking, gift bag or to even be a budget beauty themed christmas present.


All pictures are links on where to buy them :)*



Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

This time of year is all about the bright lips and nude eyes to make a very minimal makeup routine look fabulous. One product i find so beautiful are the SEVENTEEN Mega Matte Lipsticks.

About The Lipstick;

The formula is a very non drying matte formula, and is highly pigmented. 
They last forever and dont smudge.
There are currently 12 different shades available. 
The packaging is a black sleek lightweight bullet which looks very classy.
Handbag friendly.


1: Exfoliate and moisturise your lips.
2: Apply colour starting at the centre of the upper lip and moving outwards to each corner filling in all the gaps. Apply to your bottom lip filling from left to right.


Avoid rubbing your lips together for a smoother finish.
Use a concealer to sculpt around your lips to give more definition.
Use a lip liner.
Blot lips with tissue then reapply for an even more intense colour

Where? How Much?

SEVENTEEN are products exclusively available to boots.
RRP £4.49

Overall Thoughts?

I really love these lipsticks, there something i find myself reaching for so often. I love that there non trying unlike other matte lipsticks that are on the market. There lightweight packaging makes them so easy to just pop in your handbag. I think these should be so much more popular than what they are.






My Letter To Santa

Everyone has little wish list of gift ideas that they would like for christmas, they dont all have to be massive extravagant gifts sometimes the little personalised ones are best. 
I thought i would share with you my letter to santa filled with my christmas wishes. 

Dear Santa.png

Dear Santa; 

I have been a good girl this year and have done many good deeds for family and others, I’ve donated blankets and food to the homeless and local food banks. I’ve donated things to the less fortunate.  Ive been great full for all i have had and done. Im thankful for all i have now and what i have had. 

For christmas this year i dont ask for much but these are my festive wishes;

  • For continued health and happiness for my family and friends. 
  • For a new year filled with memories and good times. 

I would appreciate any of these gifts; 

  • Drone with a camera.
  • Some Fluffy Blankets.
  • Cosy Socks.
  • Candles.
  • Make Up Brushes.
  • Some Heeled Boots.
  • Perfume.
  • Bath Luxuries.
  • A 2017 Calendar
  • Make Up.

Thank You Santa;

Alethea x

Whats on your christmas list? i would love to see! 


How Fresh Is Your Face?

Do you truly understand the expiry dates of make up? Or do you use make up that is actually expired?
Do you every so often go through your makeup bag and bin some products because there expired? If you haven’t i truly urge you to do this.

How To Tell If My Make Up Is Expired?
When expired some products dry up, get really watery or go gloopy however not all products have a physical change when expired but the bacteria levels nearly double so unless you have a microscope and your a scientist you won’t physically see it.
Have you ever wondered why a older favourite product has randomly made you break out its most likely because of the levels of bacteria in the product as its actually expired.

Know about the PAO Symbol?
PAO stands for Period After Opening.
The PAO Is a graphic that symbolises the lifetime of a cosmetic product. It depicts an open cosmetics pot and is used together with a written number of months or years.


The PAO Symbol. 

The symbol is usually on the back of the product found near the manufacture details.

General Expiry Dates;
Moisturiser – 12 Months
Foundation – 12 Months
Concealer – 12 Months
Powders – 24 Months
Eyeshadows – 6-24 Months
Mascara – 4-6 Months
Lipstick – 24 Months
These are the dates that are given as a general, this doesn’t always mean that its the expiration your product, so i recommend looking for the PAO symbol.

As an example I’m going to list some of my favourite make up products and what there PAO’s are.

Nars Orgasm – 24M
Maybelline The Eye Easer Concealer – 6M
Urban Decay Naked Skin – 9M
Becca Luminous Foundation – 12M
The Balm Mary-Lou – 12M
Collection Primed & Ready – 12M
Laura Mercier Primer – 6M
Primark Lippie Stick – 16M
Kylie Cosmetics Metal Lipstick – 12M
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – 12M
Urban Decay X Gwen Palette – 24M
Seventeen Long Lash Mascara – 6M

T-Zone Face Moisturiser – 12M
Skin Therapy Face Wipes – 3M
Garnier Micellar Water – 6M
The Body Shop Body Sorbet – 12M
Nivea Post Shave Balm – 12M
Planet Spa Face Mask – 12M

I hope this has helped you, and that you look into the expiry dates of your make up and cosmetic items. I tend to go through mine and have a sort out every 3-6months to keep everything fresh and if theres a product I’ve had for 4months and its pao is 6months ill put it towards the top of my makeup to use it up whilst its still fresh.