What Ive Been Loving & Catch Up..

So the last couple of weeks i has been absent from blogging, as i have been doing so much other bits and pieces that i haven’t really even been on my laptop much so i have a ton of youtube and blogs to catch up on this week luckily I’m free most of the week so i can play catch up.

So what have i been up t0?

  • Firstly i decided to do an advanced make up course which took up a fair chunk of my time, and even though i had previously already done a make up artist course i done this one to better myself really so i completed it yesterday and passed with a merit which I’m proud of.
  • Ive had some health issues and been on/off different medications and had appointments ect which have sometimes left me in a negative head space. Ive contemplated doing some posts on some of these subjects but I’m not sure.. Let me know in the comments?
  • It was my pups 2nd anniversary, on January 24th it was 2 years ago i got him. Which means his nearly 3 years old. Its honestly flown by, so to give him a treat i took him to the massive park and we had a massive adventure, then we stopped at the pet shop for some birthday treats on the way home.
  • So my partner is a die hard football fan and coming up is our 5 year anniversary so we went to an away match in Huddersfield and had a date night going to a comedy gig.

What I’ve Been Loving;

The first thing i have to say I’ve been loving and I’m sure 90% of the rest of the world is with me on this one. Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You.

Im not really a tv person but i have started watching Suits & Haters Back Off and to my surprise I’m really enjoying both.


Hair Care;
I happened to just pick this shampoo/conditioner set up as an off chance and its turned out to be my ultimate hair care routine. Ive noticed such a difference in my hair, it leaves my hair feeling nourished and soft which is something I’ve never had.


shop it here

The way i do it i wash my hair twice with the shampoo leaving it on for 2-4 minutes and massaging it fully into my scalp.
Then apply the conditioner using a wide tooth comb i comb through my hair i dont put the conditioner on my cult only the length of hair however as my roots get greasy really quick.

BIO Oil; Im a lover of face oil, i love adding it to my foundation or to cream make up products to make them more bendable.

Zoella’s Hand Cream; I got this for christmas and I’ve fallen in love with it. I use it multiple times a day on my hands and skin. I love the smell and how hydrating it is. Im so gutted that its only available for the winter time i would so use this all year round. I have managed it find it on amazon however – http://amzn.to/2kCbIk4

Lip Smackers; I love these not just because of the luscious flavours but because there so light but hydrating on the lips. – http://amzn.to/2k6lGua

Lush Snow Fairy; Im still using up my bulk supply that i purchased this is beautiful i love it need i explain any more!

Whats Coming Up;

So were nearly in February which is the month of love.. I have a wicked blogger tag idea that I’m looking forward to doing from 1st of February.
Ive also changed the way i do my base foundation and it really works so I’m excited to show you this.

So keep a look out for some exciting blog posts.


My last post was a ‘review on a cinema light box’ 




Favourite Fall Candles


I love candles, i think there so relaxing and can just change the dimension of a room. I always have candles burning, especially scented ones that make the room smell amazing. In the fall with the colder nights there perfect for warming a room to.

I love the fall scented candles, the typical cinnamon scented ones *hmm*.

I’ve already burnt through a load of candles since October and were not even in December yet these are a selection of a few of my favourites.

Yankee Pain Au Rasin – I love this it smells so cinnamony but sweet.

Cork Candle From Home Base Spiced Orange & Cinnamon – As soon as i smelt this i feel in love its just a classic cinnamon candle. This burnt so well and lasted a good 3+weeks. *being burnt for approx 1-3hrs per evening*


Krispy Kreme Powdered Blueberry – I was bought this for my birthday, and on first smell i HATED it, but its one that once it had burnt it ended up smelling lovely. But it barely lasted a week.

Quote Candle Apple Scented Card Factory – This burnt really rubbish, it went completely lopsided then the wick ended up in the wax it turned into a right mess. The smell was lovely so i was gutted.

Halloween Candle;– This is actually the candle holder inside was a classic vanilla pillar candle from Wilko this has lasted 3+weeks and the smell is so strong all the way until the end.

Currently i am burning a Cork apple & elderflower its not really Autumnal but its the only other candle i had left. I can’t wait for December so i can start burning some more Christmasy scents. I have already purchased a couple one being Spiced apple and cinnamon and it smells amazing.

 I love Yankee candles i do think there amazing, but my bank balance doesn’t like them so i have tried to find some cheaper alternatives. But over the festive period i will purchase one or two yankee’s purely because they are value for money and over christmas i burn candles almost constantly..
I love the Cork candles from home base however, i think these are the best cheapest alternative to a yankee i have ever found and there only £2.75 which is such a bargain.


September Favourites


This Months Favourites;


Sprite Lip Balm; I love this it smells and weirdly tastes just like sprite, it hydrates my lips and stops them from getting dry and chapped.

Seventeen Make Your Mark; This is my new #1 product for doing winged liner, the tip stays sharp and precise, unlike some other pens I’ve used before the tip starts to fluff after a few uses making it impossible to get my wings on fleek.

Instant Age Rewind Concealer; Oldie but goodie, I’ve found myself reaching for this a lot this month instead of my UD Naked Skin I feel that this covers my dark circles a lot better.

Becca Foundation; Ive had this a few months and at first i didn’t think it colour matched me right so i didn’t use it, then i thought i would give it another go and i have fallen in love with it. This foundation literally glides on, and blends out flawless. Its a luminous foundation so it gives me a nice glow and it lasts all day without oxidising.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Drops; My skin has been really dry around the outskirts and on my cheeks so i resorted back to using my vitamin e drops and there so hydrating its amazing.



Summer Essentials

I thought i would share my summer essentials with you.


To start off this is more of a pre-summer but its something that can be used any time of the year to cleanse yourself and thats teatox! Teatox has become a popular hit you see it everywhere now and so many brands have brought out there own version all of them you use for 14 days one in the morning and one every other night.
The one i find that works best for me personally is Fabuloss Detox tea. which is available for £24.64 at cloud10 beauty. I love doing a teatox and cleansing my body and i feel it has really good benefits for your health swell as its meant to provide you with more energy.


This is actually a all year round essential that i have recently discovered and thats CB12 Boost Chewing Gum! This helps prevent bad breath which no one wants, i just prefer this to a standard chewing gum because i have highly sensitive teeth and this doesn’t hurt or effect them. I use the mouthwash so when i saw these had been released i had to try them and now i love them. They’re £2.50 from most pharmacies.


This is perfect for the hot summer days not that theres many in the uk currently but its perfect for taking away to humid countries to. Perspirex is a roll on antiperspirant which is formulated to protect you against sweat and odour. Unlike a normal deodorant you apply Perspirex after a bath every 3-5 days. Since using this i have really seen the difference and my armpits always feel fresh. This is approx £6 from most pharmacies/drug stores.


Nail Varnish; a definite summer time essential keep them toes painted for flip flops and sandals! I love Seventeen the colour pigment in there nail varnish is amazing for such an affordable price of £3.99 available at boots.. I have this midnight blue shade! On my toes it lasts up to 3weeks un chipped.


Moisturiser; this spray on moisturiser form aldi for just 99p!  i have coca currently but they do a range of scents from aloe vera, coca, shea. They are beautiful light moisturisers that you just spray and go. Perfect for on the go if your having an action packed summer. I love the lightness of this moisturiser on a hot day, theres nothing i hate more then having to put a thick moisturiser on when its hot because i feel it makes you sweat way more.


Karora Gradual Tan; Perfect for the face and body, this is just a lovely gradual tan to help give you a natural glow in the summer or to boost your own tan. This is a lovely rich lotion that hydrates your skin. You can apply it daily for a full on tan or once every 2-3days for a tan booster. This is £15 and available from Lloyds Pharmacy!

These are my summer essentials, what are yours?


February Favourites

Where did February go? It went so quick, i can’t believe were in the third month already, i think the months are coming quicker then I’m using my bath christmas stash up!
As much as I’m a winter lover i am wishing spring would hurry up.

I haven’t done one of these in ages so i thought i would do a favourites post for you..

My Top 5 Favourites this month;


  1. Marry-Lou Manizer;
    I only purchased this recently and its amazing!
  2. Lush Snow Fairy
    Such a beautiful smell, (I’ve even washed my dog in it!)
  3. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani
    This palette is an absolute beauty, theres so many beautiful shades in this!
  4. Mac Sculpting powder –
    This is a must in my make up routine its an all time favourite i use it every day!
  5. Lush Bubble Bar BarHumbug –
    I bought a couple of these over the christmas period unfortunately this is my last one i love the smell and the colour this runs the bath swell as the amazing bubbles!


Have you tried any of these? what are your faves? have you used all your christmas stash up yet?