What I Done This Week..

A look back into my first full week of 2017. This week was a chill out week

The day after New Years Day, we literally just spent the day relaxing watching some movies and doing nothing, it was bank holiday so there wasn’t much to do.

I spent the day as a pamper day, i done my nails had the longest bath and then just chilled before settling down to watch the start of Celebrity Big Brother.

Was the day i went to town to decide to spend some of my Christmas pennies, it was a cross of the left over boxing day sales and the January sales so i picked up some real good bargins.

We decided to walk off some of the Christmas food and took the pup for a really long walk down the country park.

Another chilled day at home getting some blog posts ready and planning our trip to harry potter studios..

Football day, We nipped into town before heading off to the Ipswich Town Vs Lincoln City match.

My favourite days, we took the pup for a walk then chilled in front of the tv.



2016; A Look Back & 2017 Goals..

2016.. A year in the past, another book closed. Here is a look back of my year.. 

January – March; 

These 3 months pasted pretty fast;
January marked the year anniversary i got my little pup..
Myself & James went to London for the weekend in January and experienced Krispy Kreme Donuts. In March we celebrated our 4th Anniversary.

April – June; 

These months were some of my favourites, i spent a lot of time creating a beautiful bond with my Niece & Nephew i also had a lot of family time with my sister, dad & grandparents which are some of the most precious memories.
In April me & James went to 02 to see WWE live.
In May i went to see Busted, who were one of my childhood favourite bands they were amazing. We spent a lovely weekend in Wembley alongside this.

July – September; 

July started amazing, me & james had a weekend away in essex where i met Olly Murs..
The end of the month ended leaving me in one of the lowest places I’ve ever been when my dad sadly passed away.
To be honest August & September flew by and  was full of dark days and some of the hardest days I’ve ever been through, including the funeral.. I was lucky enough to have James by myside to keep me as up as possible. On one of the days he dragged me out the house we went to the summer time festival and saw some beautiful fireworks and i love this picture that was taken it has a ‘Peter Pan’ feel about it to me.

October – December; 

October was a really nice month its one of my favourite months anyway, i celebrated my 21st birthday, i took part in the October blogging challenge which was really fun and something i really enjoyed, We had Halloween to..
November we went to a panto, watched fantastic beasts and where to find them..
December was a festive month, i started blogmas but half way though i found myself emotional and not in the right head space to continue so i have had some time off. Christmas was really nice, but was also really hard as it was the first without my dad.

Now that chapter is over its time to start another one with 2017.

They say a new year is a new book which is up to you to fill, and that what i plan on doing this year.
Its all about keeping positive, and i plan on using my blog a whole lot more, in a way during 2016 i have neglected my blog which does upset me and i haven’t always been as constant at posting content that i would like.

2017 Goals; 

  • To be more consent with my blogs, to create quality content.
  • To remain as positive as can be.
  • To get a bit healthier. (not go on some mad fasting diet and change completely but just to the point that i feel happy with myself)
  • Save money.
  • Continue with my project pan.
  • Use my instagram & twitter more.

These are some of the main points i would like to do in 2017, i hope that by the end of the year i can tell you I’ve successfully completed them all but who knows..

I want to wish you all the best of health and happiness in 2017 💕


My Favourite Christmas Decorations

I love christmas decorations i find myself starting to buy them from October, this year i had two clothes drawers taken over with christmas decorations. 

As i only have a little room i have a 3Ft christmas tree.

These are available on amazon – http://amzn.to/2htXIaQ





Personally i love silver  baubles on my tree, with some personal feature baubles.

  –    http://amzn.to/2hpTd3B


I got these all from the recent trip to the christmas market that i went to;

Alethea Penguin – Because its my name.
Merlin Bone – My little pups name.
‘Because someone we love is in heaven theres a little bit of heaven in our home’ – I got this because my dad loved christmas and its going to be my first christmas without him.

Both the bears were gifted to me and i love these.
The santa on the train i actually got from a charity shop 2years ago and it cost 10p it was the best bargain ever.


I love santa so i have a few of them.

1- A cute little santa figure.
2- A light up santa house.
3- A bear with a santa hat & a bear snow globe.
4 – Nutcracker.

Christmas Countdown; 


I have a cute christmas countdown its a chalkboard tree in which you cross the dates off.


These are my favourite christmas decorations. I hope you like them!



How To Organise Your Blog

Everyone has there own methods and ways they like to feel organised when blogging, wether its writing draft blog posts, making lists, or jotting down ideas, i thought i would share with you my tips on how i keep myself and my posts organised.

Manage Your Ideas;
I have a note pad in which at the beginning of the month i write down a long list of ideas of blog posts that i think i want to do, i then divide up the blog posts equally so there isn’t all beauty one week and all lifestyle or other the next i like to do it so it varies so one day theres a beauty related post the next a lifestyle post ect..

I personally like to take my pictures in bulk, then i take all the pictures that i will need for each blog post and tick them off as i go along i take way more pictures then i need but i normally take around 5 blog posts worth of pictures in one go. These pictures will be used throughout my blog swell as social media.
Here is how i take my flat lay pictures.


Once the pictures are taken and i know what pictures i have to work with i start to draft out the post. I start by focusing on the main points i want to cover in the blog once i have all my ideas down i start to edit the post by taking one idea and turning it into content by explaining the idea or filling in facts.

Finishing Touches; 
Once i have finished my draft copy i re read what i have written and correct myself on any mistakes. Then i add in the pictures and make the post look pretty by changing certain fonts or adding in headings ect.

Personally i love the scheduling feature, with such a flexible and life in the moment life i have i like to have my post for the next one or two days already scheduled normally for sometime between 4-6 then no matter what may happen or where i may be at that moment my blog will go live and there will be a post go up. Its only on a very rare occasion that i write a post and it goes up that same day. I like to have my posts for the week planned and ready. I think if i couldn’t schedule my posts i would feel a lot more stressed, i like to see my posts ready and planned.
If you prefer to have this in written format there is so many cool free printable weekly planners that are available to download and fill in.

Do What Suits You;
Just because this is how i keep myself organised it does mean its going to work for you, just because another bloggers told you thats how they keep themselves organised doesn’t mean its going to work for them. The only way that will truly work is the routine you will find yourself doing naturally.
Wether you write your ideas down on your phone, on paper or somewhere else it doesn’t matter. Organising is personal to each person.


Im Off To See The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz.

This is a follow me around sort of post and this one features a trip to the theatre. 

Thursday 24th November;

We booked tickets to go see The Wizard Of Oz back at the beginning of the year, and it feels like it has taken forever for the day to finally come around. I love going to the theatre, we go every christmas to the christmas show, and normally to at least one other throughout the year.

Outfit Of The Night;
I really fancied dressing up and doing a full glam look, and as we we were going to the theatre and it was a date night i thought why not. I love this outfit as a whole.

The Top – Simply Be. I Got this last year in there sale and they no longer sell it, its just a strapless t-shirt.
Leggings – Just standard black leggings, i love wearing this as a combo as it gives the illusion of a jumpsuit.
I felt nun of my kimonos looked right so as a cover up i used my blanket scarf as a wrap around it it added a pop of colour.
Primark Dolly Shoes 

Make Up; 

For makeup i went with my Autumn Make Up Routine as this has been my go to makeup the last month.
Then using straighteners i done some loose curls/waves throughout my hair to make it look more done as i didn’t fancy it just straightened.

For the performance we were only about four rows from the front so our seats were really close but they were really good seats. I obviously couldn’t take any pictures during the performance, but it was amazing. There were so many talented performers from ages the age of 6+, and they used a real dog which was super cute he was so good and so well trained i couldn’t help but just watch him the whole time.

How cute it he!?



Theres no way to describe a theatre experience to anyone that hasn’t been but i highly recommend anyone going to at least one performance they’re out of this world. Its my dream to go to the west end.


De Stress after a long day…

Everyone has them long stressful days where you need just an evening of relaxation to help you regain peace and a good mental attitude. I thought i would share with you what i do to de stress after a long day.

Start off with a nice hot bath;
Getting home after a long day stressful day the first thing your going to want to do is put the bath on. Pop in a bath bomb or some bubble bath to get a nice aroma with lots of bubbles then light a candle and jump in the bath and relax.

Then Relax…
Once I’ve soaked until I’ve turned into a wrinkled prune i get out the bath and snuggle straight into my dressing gown, one reason being i hate getting dry and my dressing gown does it for me, then i go into my room and light a couple of candles and put on some fairy lights so my room is all cosy.

The next steps are to pamper my skin, by using a face mask and moisturising my body top to toe. Whilst my mask is setting i spending this time painting my nails, having my nails fresh is one of the best feelings. Once my face mask is done and any moisturiser is soaked in its time to put on some cosy clothes and fluffy socks..

Once all dressed in my cosy clothing i head down stairs and make a hot drink and usually some chocolate spread on toast to give me a chocolatey boost as who doesn’t love some chocolate when there feeling bit stressed.


Heading back into my room, i then spend a few hours on my laptop wether its watching Netflix or on some form of social media or blog and i just procrastinate until my eyes can no longer stay open. I sometimes take some time to do some basic meditation here swell just to calm and really relax myself, theres many apps available to download and use.

It then means its the best time, bed time.. So i cuddle up in bed with my puppy, puppy cuddles are defiantly the best. Then i am all ready to face the next day feeling positive and fresh.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 23.32.53.png




How I Do My Blog Pictures;- Flat Lays

How I do my blog pictures; Flat lays. 

Flat lay blog & instagram pictures are all the must, so i thought i would show you how i do my flat lay’s.

Here are a selection of my flat lays. 

Personally i prefer my flat lays on a white background, to do this i actually have a white board, which is off an old ikea chest of draws.
You can make your own with a piece of polystyrene or any other board of wood then cover it in a sticky back plastic to create a background.

I place the board nearest to the natural light source which generally speaking is on my bed near the window.
These are the days that i miss the summer when i used to actually go outside to take my pictures because natural light makes the best pictures.

The dull autumn days means that theres limited natural light so i have purchased a little light for the times that flash just isn’t doing it. Ive never wanted to splurge on studio lights so when i found this on amazon for under £15 i had to try it, i highly recommend it for anyone on a budget and that needs an additional light source for photos.

To break the photos up and to add a pop of colour i have a range of props, from note pads & wall hangers to photo cards.


These photo cards i purchased from paper chase for 70p each. I go for ones that will add a pop into the pictures. 

Its not all about having the best camera, you can easily take these pictures on a iPhone as the camera quality on them now is amazing, i still use my phone on occasions for quickness if theres just an odd photo that i need to take.
If you are going to invest in a camera i would recommend a DSLR and you can pick many of them up at an entry affordable price now.
I personally have the Cannon D1200 with a standard lens i was lucky enough to have this gifted to me last christmas, and i love it.

Unless you are extremely talented its very rare that you will take a picture and it will be perfect right away with no form of editing. When i say editing it doesn’t necessarily mean photoshopping the whole picture, editing can be from cropping a little bit where you can see excess background to lightening the picture.
As i have a macbook i use the editor on the photo album which is the exact same as any iPhone or iPad editor for me this is perfect because i only tend to crop the picture and then adjust the lightness and brightness and thats all i feel i need to do to make my pictures ready. There are a ton of photo editing programs available, but i haven’t ever personally got on with any including the hyped about photoshop.
If for some reason i need to do a deeper edit i will use a online based editor one of the following usually;

Pic Monkey


After this my pictures are ready to use on my Blog or Instagram here are a selection that i have done using the above methods.


I hope you find this helpful!