Date Night Make Up

For date night make up i choose one feature i want to be the main feature and focus solely on that. For example i will do an intense pink or glittery eye and nude lip, Or red lip and natural shadows with a little shimmer.
My face base i tend to go for a full coverage, and deep contoured and highlighted look with sculpted out brows.

Heres a selection of my recent date night looks;


img_3297img_3844-2 img_4153

The base is the same on all of the looks its my go to glam/date night base;
I start by priming the skin with Mac Strobe Cream and Laura Mercer Foundation Primer
Onto my brows, so i draw them on using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
To sculpt my brows i use Mac Concealer In nw20 and go around my brows and with the excess i use to prime my lids. Then i go over and Colour Correct or Conceal.
Once thats all blending i go for the Seventeen Cream Bronzer and put in all the places where i want to bronze and contour, Then i apply my under eye highlight using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. 
Finally to blend the whole look together and to get the flawless look, i use Kiko Universal Foundation and using a beauty blender i blend over the highlight first then the dark shade. I blend until flawless. Looking back at my face i see if anything else needs to be added in if not i then set with some setting spray.

I set any problem areas and my under eye with Peaches & Cream Translucent powder as well as putting a wash of powder over my lids.
If I’m particular oily i will set my whole face with the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish first but i dont always do this step.

Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit I then make my contour more intense until I’m happy with it and add some blusher usually The Body Shop 01 Blush. Then its time to make my face pop with some highlight, my go to is The Balm MarryLoumaniser Or The Carli Bybel Pallete. 

Finally I spritz my face with a Setting Spray and its onto the eyes.

Depending on the look i will normally use the Carli Bybel Pallete, Or Morphe 350M to create a look then use a pigment to highlight my lid.
For lashes i always always always use the Primark Sultry these are my favourite lashes.
Then to line my lid i use the Seventeen Wet Look Eyeliner and i must say this is the best for doing liner the brush is so delicate and the formula stays bright once applied.

Then its onto the lips..
For Red lips my go to is the No.7 900 Or Mac Ruby Woo. 
Nudes its the Primark Lifes A Beach Or Kiko 902 Lipstick. 

Then I’m ready! I hope you enjoyed!







Perfect Red Lipstick

During valentines season it’s all about lustrous red lips. On date nights your going to want to wear a red lip to finish off any look. 


Choose Your Red;

The Finish;-
Glossy, Matte, Tinted.. Theres lots of different finishes available. 
What Shade;-
Bright Red, Orange Red, Deep Red, Burgundy Red. The list goes on.. 


Wear a subtle eye make up to make the red lips the feature focus on your face.
Avoid deep reds if you have thin lips.
To prevent bleeding sculpt around your lips.
Powder your lipstick to give it a matte finish.
Outline your lips then fill them in with a colour close to the lipstick shade.
After applying, put your finger in your mouth, purse your lips around it, then slowly pull it out to remove excess color.
If using a drying lipstick be sure to apply a balm before.

My Favourite Red Lipsticks;


Gwen Stefani – Rocksteady.
(Far right swatch)
The Perfect deep warm red shade with a glossy finish

No 7 – 900 
(Middle Swatch)
Moisture drench lipstick is a lovely bright red shade filled with moisture.

Mac – Ruby Woo 
(End left Swatch)
A retro matte red lip. I find this can be rather drying so i tend to pair it with lip balm.

Whats your favourite red lipstick?


Beauty Advent Calendar Guide



Its now November, which means theres only a month left to decide what beauty advent calendar to purchase. These have became more popular over the years, theres now such a high demand for these and i think there so much better then chocolate. I thought i would give you a guide to what advent calendars are available this year.

The Body Shop

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.02.30.png

The Body Shop Advent Calendar theres 3 different sorts varying from £60-99





Bath Bomb & Soap Calendar 

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.02.44.png

Bath bomb and Soap Calendar £30


Make Up Revolution

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.03.50.png

Make Up Revolution £30


Bare Minerals 


Bare Minerals Countdown To Gorgeous £75


Bare Minerals

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.16.24.png

Countdown To Gorgeous Bare Minerals £75


Feel Unique 

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.13.01.png

Feel Unique Magic Of Beauty £30




No7 Bright Lights Big City £39



Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.17.54.png

NYX £60


Here is a selection of beauty calendars from different price ranges.. There are loads more but i feel these are the most appealing for one reason or another.
What calendar do you plan on purchasing?


Flawless Foundation

Does your foundation ever look like its just sitting on your skin even when you feel you’ve blended for hours? 
Does your foundation look uneven or patchy? 
Does your face look like a mask? 

Here are my tips on achieving a flawless foundation; 

I always say the best way to get a good foundation is starting at the base. A good skincare routine then fresh clean moisturised and primed skin.

Look back at my previous posts all about primers here;
Best Primers For Dry Skin
All About Primers

Once your skin is primed and ready conceal any imperfections with a concealer thats a shade darker then your skin tone. Or if needed do some colour correcting. Learn about colour correcting here.

Decide what application tool is best for you; 

Theres so many different ways to apply foundation, choose the technique that suits you and your skin. Weather its using a;
Beauty Blender;
Foundation brush – theres hundreds of different types, flat brushes, kabuki style thin or thick. Its all about personal preference theres no right or wrong.
Make sure your applicator is clean.

Decide what finish you’re wanting to achieve; 

No Make Up Look
Again its personal preference. 

Choose a foundation suited to your skin and what finish you want; 

Get colour matched that one of the biggest musts in finding a foundation. Match your foundation on your jaw line/neck not your actual face.
Find a shade that matches your skin, if its to light you will look like a ghost and you will find no matter if its a full coverage foundation it won’t give you the full coverage look. If its to dark it won’t match your neck.
Personally i think that its better to get a foundation one shade darker then your skin especially if you tan a lot, and its easier to balance out your skin with a slightly darker foundation then a lighter foundation. Also if you like a really highlighted under eye this will make your whole face appear lighter so using a darker foundation will lighten when highlighted.

Choose the foundation that complements the finish you want, ie. using a matte foundation and wanting a dewy finish you will have to use illuminators to get that finish. 


If when applying foundation its looks as if its sitting on your skin or going patchy add one to two drops of serum/oil to your foundation and this will help it blend out a dream. *even if you have oily skin it works and doesn’t make your skin oily* This does make your foundation have a glow also so its perfect if you want dewy skin.

Set your foundation 

For Matte; Set your foundation with a powder Translucent powder Or a shade that matches your foundation. This helps the foundation last and stops transferring.
For Dewy; Use a setting spray, Urban Decay do one of the best i find.


What’s On My IPhone 6s+

I love reading these posts, so i thought i would do one myself.
So what is on my IPhone 6S+ 

I have the IPhone 6S+ in Rose Gold, I’ve had this for a while previously i had the 6 but when it died i upgraded to the 6S and i decided to go with the +. Personally i dont think theres such a drastic size difference like theres made out, yes its bigger but its still easy to use in one hand. I love my 6s+. I have a cute tinker bell case on the back, just purely because i find it so cute..

So this is my lock screen and home screen. I have a picture of my little puppy looking incredibly cute. With the new IOS10 when i swipe this is my little ‘widget page’ i have my partners number under favourites and then the apps i use most.

I have 3 pages, some bits are in folders some aren’t.

Page One; Is filled with all the standard IPhone apps.

Page Two; These are my most used apps/social media page.
Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, WordPress.

Page Three; This page has all my ‘bits and bobs’ i have some folders on here to group similar apps.
Finance; Contains all my mobile banking apps,
Carboot; has Depop & Shpock,
Photo & Video; My photo editing app, Pic College and layout these are mainly to create colleges or picture collections, i generally use the photo edit any photos i like it its easy and basic to use.

Other Apps;
 this is a colouring app thats free i love it I’ve done loads i find it really relaxing to do as i lay in bed on the evenings.
Subway; got to collect my sub points!
Score Centre; because I’m a secret football supporter..
Pokemon Go; GOTTA CATCH UM ALL. Love This!


These are my apps i dont have loads of crazy apps or games i just have what i need and use. I use Apple music for £10 a month i think its amazing i never have been a fan of Spotify or the likes..

What apps do you have?


Client Make Over

This weekend i done a client make over.

becca makeup1.

My client had lovely ‘normal’ skin which wasn’t dry nor to oily and minimal pores. (i must admit i was rather envious of how perfect her skin was!), the final look was quite a glam look.
How did i create this look?

For the base;
Primer – Laura Mercier Oil free foundation primer. 
Foundation – Becca Aqua luminous perfecting skin foundation. 
Under Eye Concealer – Mac pro long wear; Setting with Mac Emphasise.
Powder – Mac mineralise skin finish. 
Contour – Sleek cream contour kit; Setting with Benefit Hoola.
Bronzer – Body Shop bronzer & Kiko Bronzer. 
Blusher – Nars Orgasm.
Highlighter – Mary Lou-Manizer. 

Through the crease i used the Naked Basics 2 Cover & Primal.
On the lid i used a damp brush and applied Barry M Fine Glitter Dust NO.7
The client already had her own false lashes on (she used the eye candy lashes) but i also applied some Maybeline Great Lash on both top & bottom lashes.
Then to do the eyeliner MUA Fine liner.
For eyebrows Nyx Eyebrow Gel Set with a dark eyeshadow. 

Kylie Cosmetics Kourt K Linner & Liquid Lipstick.

Set with Make Up Revolution Setting Spray.





Shaaanxo Palette

Today i received my shaaanxo palette!

I have been waiting patently for this to arrive i ordered this when it first came on sale, and i ordered the fast international shipping because well I’m impatient!

This is the collaboration of youtube sensation shaaanxo and bh cosmetics!
This is $21 but bhcosmetics ships worldwide!

Its a 18 dual sided palette with 9 pans per side, one side being lipsticks and the other is eyeshadows. Each side has a cute little mirror.

The actual palette is of beautiful thick quality.

This is the 9 eyeshadow panned side of the palette;
There is a beautiful range of metallics and mattes!

Here are the beautiful swatches of the shadows.

The colours are so beautifully pigmented and have such a beautiful pay off!
I cannot wait to start creating some beautiful eyeshadow creations with these!

Then on the other side are the 9 pans of lipstick;

These are the beautiful colours, with a beautiful range of nudes, reds, pinks and darks!
The colour pay off it beautiful, its so easy to apply the colour onto your lips with a lip brush and the colours are so bright.



This is a beautiful palette and excellent combination with bhcosmetics and shaaanxo!

I am so excited to start using this beautiful palette, and give a full review, but my first impressions are wow! This looks amazing, and on swatches the colours all are soo pigmented!