Your Favourite Love Story

As cheesy as it sounds i honestly find my grandparents little love story the best, it shows true love and there just so cute.

For the purpose of this post i did ask them some little questions to fill in there love story. 

So they first started seeing each other when my Grandma was 19 and my Grandad was 23.
There first date involved going to there local pub to have a drink with there friends.
A few years passed then my grandad proposed standing on a fence gate in the woods,
They married on 7th of July 1962. [55Years this year]. I always remember being told how Grandad left the sticker on his new shoes on the day of the wedding.
To this day they’re still together soldering through every day, there main priority in life is each other and helping one another grow old together.

There love story contains nothing high and glamorous but the main feature in there love story that is the most inspirational is the fact that they believe in the ‘Marry Once’ rule and the vows you make at your wedding day are a life commitment. Dont get me wrong i can understand why some marriages can break down but i dont think people understand the true meaning of marriage any more and my grandparents just show case how it should be. They’ve stuck together through everything, to be the best husband and wife they can and even to this day through any struggles of old age they are never far apart from one another. They raised two children, took two grandchildren on like there own and love all there grandchildren and great grandchildren like there own and would go without just to help some one else. Honestly i could never imagine them apart they are like a fish without water, a world with no sun, a plane without wings.
I honestly adore my grandparents and i look at them in awe, and what they have together is what i dream i could only ever have.

here are my beautiful grandparents.

Whats your favourite love story?



Whats In My bag

As you would have seen from my recent purchases i have a new handbag which i love. I have decked my handbag out with everything i think i need in my bag..


Its plain black with a little pouch in the front with a little bag that sits in it which is white which contrasts with the black. Its a lovely deep handbag. One thing that i loved about this bag more then the others is the handles there nice and long so i can use it in multiple ways i.e.; on my shoulder, on my arm or in my hand. Its lovely and sturdy and i just love it.
Its from Primark and its £12. I dont tend to buy bags from Primark, but i saw this in there and literally feel in love with it, i went back to it two or three times before finally purchasing it.

Starting off with the little white bag/pouch; 
In here i keep some necessities,
Paracetamol (you never know when you might need it),
The Body Shop Hand Cream
Lip smackers
Pocket Mirror

In The Handbag;
A shopping bag
Tangle Teezer
River Island Purse
Seventeen Contour Kit

Deepening on what lipstick I’m wearing i will normally pop that in my bag incase i need to re apply.
Then i fill it with anything else that i need for that day. I like to keep my bag neat and tidy so i can find things.


Outfit Of The Day

Day #2 of the October Blogging challenge;



So this is my outfit of the day, it’s not the typical blogger dressed up fancy outfit and infact I’m not even wearing makeup, believe it or not I have a horrendous cold & tonsillitis so I wasn’t even in the mood to go out but I had to nip to the shops and this was my outfit. I went for comfort and warmth over any sort of style and also its a Sunday its all about being cosy.

Under my jumper I have a basic grey ASOS Cami on just for layers.
My white ‘Bewear’ jumper;- this is just my slouchy jumper and kept it on for an extra layer of warmth as i feel super poorly.
New Look leather jacket
Black ASOS Leggings 
Dolly shoes; I can’t remember where I actually got these from but I remember they were £5 there just easy to slip on a comfortable
Simply Be Snood; I love snoods I have quite a collection of them I prefer the longer ones..

My hair needs to be washed it’s on day two so I just put it up in some sort of mess on top of my head.

I’m not wearing any makeup, my nose is running constantly and it’s got really sore so I opted out from wearing makeup today.




The October Blogging Challenge I’m taking part in.. Why not join in!?


Sheet Facial Masks; Lotusy.

Today i am reviewing the Lotusy Essence Facial Mask Sheet. 

IMG_0531 copy

What is it for?
This sheet mask is a water-soluble essence mask sheet that is designed to moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated natural extracts that help the skin absorb nutrients.

How to use it?
Wash your face,
Unfold the mask and place on your face,
Sit back and relax for 15-20mis,
Remove mask but dont rinse, allow the excess moisture to soak into your skin.

My Turn;
When opening the packet and getting the cloth out i could feel how much moisture was packed into it i was excited to put it on,
so i unfolded the mask and place it upon my face;


Then i laid back and relaxed for 20 minutes, after the time was up i slowly peeled the mask off my face and discarded it,
Once the mask was off my face was rather wet so like it says on the packet i left it, in fact i massaged it into my face like a moisturiser.


This mask left my face feeling fresh and clear it also had a slight glow to my skin.

My Thoughts On The Mask;
I love sheet masks they always make me feel so glamorous, i was so happy to try this mask.
My first thoughts when i took the mask out of the packet were wow, i could feel just how much moisture there was in the cloth, i found apply the sheet so easy to it didn’t tangle up it literally just unfolded and i was able to place it upon my face the edges of this mask were in sections so it could wrap around your face, previous mask i have used haven’t had this and it isn’t as practical as not all parts stick to your skin so i loved this feature.
When removing the mask it felt lighter so i new that all the moisture had sunk into my skin, my face was wet when i removed the mask so i rubbed the access moisture into my skin.
When i woke up the next morning after using the mask my face looked so smooth and hydrated,i felt that my skin glowed.

Overall i enjoyed the experience of using this mask, it was so relaxing and had such beautiful results. It felt like a spa treatment at home!

Would i Recommend this?
Yes! This sheet mask is beautiful, and i love the way that my skin felt after the mask and how it looked.
I would recommend this so anyone with dry skin, it leaves your skin so moisturised and fresh.