Date Night Make Up

For date night make up i choose one feature i want to be the main feature and focus solely on that. For example i will do an intense pink or glittery eye and nude lip, Or red lip and natural shadows with a little shimmer.
My face base i tend to go for a full coverage, and deep contoured and highlighted look with sculpted out brows.

Heres a selection of my recent date night looks;


img_3297img_3844-2 img_4153

The base is the same on all of the looks its my go to glam/date night base;
I start by priming the skin with Mac Strobe Cream and Laura Mercer Foundation Primer
Onto my brows, so i draw them on using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
To sculpt my brows i use Mac Concealer In nw20 and go around my brows and with the excess i use to prime my lids. Then i go over and Colour Correct or Conceal.
Once thats all blending i go for the Seventeen Cream Bronzer and put in all the places where i want to bronze and contour, Then i apply my under eye highlight using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. 
Finally to blend the whole look together and to get the flawless look, i use Kiko Universal Foundation and using a beauty blender i blend over the highlight first then the dark shade. I blend until flawless. Looking back at my face i see if anything else needs to be added in if not i then set with some setting spray.

I set any problem areas and my under eye with Peaches & Cream Translucent powder as well as putting a wash of powder over my lids.
If I’m particular oily i will set my whole face with the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish first but i dont always do this step.

Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit I then make my contour more intense until I’m happy with it and add some blusher usually The Body Shop 01 Blush. Then its time to make my face pop with some highlight, my go to is The Balm MarryLoumaniser Or The Carli Bybel Pallete. 

Finally I spritz my face with a Setting Spray and its onto the eyes.

Depending on the look i will normally use the Carli Bybel Pallete, Or Morphe 350M to create a look then use a pigment to highlight my lid.
For lashes i always always always use the Primark Sultry these are my favourite lashes.
Then to line my lid i use the Seventeen Wet Look Eyeliner and i must say this is the best for doing liner the brush is so delicate and the formula stays bright once applied.

Then its onto the lips..
For Red lips my go to is the No.7 900 Or Mac Ruby Woo. 
Nudes its the Primark Lifes A Beach Or Kiko 902 Lipstick. 

Then I’m ready! I hope you enjoyed!







How Fresh Is Your Face?

Do you truly understand the expiry dates of make up? Or do you use make up that is actually expired?
Do you every so often go through your makeup bag and bin some products because there expired? If you haven’t i truly urge you to do this.

How To Tell If My Make Up Is Expired?
When expired some products dry up, get really watery or go gloopy however not all products have a physical change when expired but the bacteria levels nearly double so unless you have a microscope and your a scientist you won’t physically see it.
Have you ever wondered why a older favourite product has randomly made you break out its most likely because of the levels of bacteria in the product as its actually expired.

Know about the PAO Symbol?
PAO stands for Period After Opening.
The PAO Is a graphic that symbolises the lifetime of a cosmetic product. It depicts an open cosmetics pot and is used together with a written number of months or years.


The PAO Symbol. 

The symbol is usually on the back of the product found near the manufacture details.

General Expiry Dates;
Moisturiser – 12 Months
Foundation – 12 Months
Concealer – 12 Months
Powders – 24 Months
Eyeshadows – 6-24 Months
Mascara – 4-6 Months
Lipstick – 24 Months
These are the dates that are given as a general, this doesn’t always mean that its the expiration your product, so i recommend looking for the PAO symbol.

As an example I’m going to list some of my favourite make up products and what there PAO’s are.

Nars Orgasm – 24M
Maybelline The Eye Easer Concealer – 6M
Urban Decay Naked Skin – 9M
Becca Luminous Foundation – 12M
The Balm Mary-Lou – 12M
Collection Primed & Ready – 12M
Laura Mercier Primer – 6M
Primark Lippie Stick – 16M
Kylie Cosmetics Metal Lipstick – 12M
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – 12M
Urban Decay X Gwen Palette – 24M
Seventeen Long Lash Mascara – 6M

T-Zone Face Moisturiser – 12M
Skin Therapy Face Wipes – 3M
Garnier Micellar Water – 6M
The Body Shop Body Sorbet – 12M
Nivea Post Shave Balm – 12M
Planet Spa Face Mask – 12M

I hope this has helped you, and that you look into the expiry dates of your make up and cosmetic items. I tend to go through mine and have a sort out every 3-6months to keep everything fresh and if theres a product I’ve had for 4months and its pao is 6months ill put it towards the top of my makeup to use it up whilst its still fresh.



Sheet Facial Masks; Lotusy.

Today i am reviewing the Lotusy Essence Facial Mask Sheet. 

IMG_0531 copy

What is it for?
This sheet mask is a water-soluble essence mask sheet that is designed to moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated natural extracts that help the skin absorb nutrients.

How to use it?
Wash your face,
Unfold the mask and place on your face,
Sit back and relax for 15-20mis,
Remove mask but dont rinse, allow the excess moisture to soak into your skin.

My Turn;
When opening the packet and getting the cloth out i could feel how much moisture was packed into it i was excited to put it on,
so i unfolded the mask and place it upon my face;


Then i laid back and relaxed for 20 minutes, after the time was up i slowly peeled the mask off my face and discarded it,
Once the mask was off my face was rather wet so like it says on the packet i left it, in fact i massaged it into my face like a moisturiser.


This mask left my face feeling fresh and clear it also had a slight glow to my skin.

My Thoughts On The Mask;
I love sheet masks they always make me feel so glamorous, i was so happy to try this mask.
My first thoughts when i took the mask out of the packet were wow, i could feel just how much moisture there was in the cloth, i found apply the sheet so easy to it didn’t tangle up it literally just unfolded and i was able to place it upon my face the edges of this mask were in sections so it could wrap around your face, previous mask i have used haven’t had this and it isn’t as practical as not all parts stick to your skin so i loved this feature.
When removing the mask it felt lighter so i new that all the moisture had sunk into my skin, my face was wet when i removed the mask so i rubbed the access moisture into my skin.
When i woke up the next morning after using the mask my face looked so smooth and hydrated,i felt that my skin glowed.

Overall i enjoyed the experience of using this mask, it was so relaxing and had such beautiful results. It felt like a spa treatment at home!

Would i Recommend this?
Yes! This sheet mask is beautiful, and i love the way that my skin felt after the mask and how it looked.
I would recommend this so anyone with dry skin, it leaves your skin so moisturised and fresh.