Date Night Ideas

Date Night;an arranged occasion on which an established couple go for a night out together.
Take one night a week for just you and your loved one and watch your relationship blossom. 

Date nights dont have to be the most expensive lavish night filled with a 4 course meal including champagne. A date night it what you and your loved one enjoy, take it as a open card to do whatever you want for the night. It doesn’t have to be a cinematic experience just something personal between the pair of you. You’ll find yourself memorising the dates more if they’re what you love then if your more concentrating on ‘oh Sally from work does this and everyone in the office loved it’

Dinner & Cinema
The classic idea when anyone says ‘date night‘ this idea is bound to be one of the first that pop into your head.
Start by going for a meal somewhere of your choice from a 5 star restaurant, your favourite cafe or even a cheeky mc Donald’s. Some of my date nights have ended up in Subway simply because its mine and my partners favourite convent food and it works for us!
Followed by a movie, now its a rare chance that you’re actually both going to agree on a movie so you will either be dragged into a chick flick or a manly action film which can be a downside to this date idea and also for the duration of the film you can’t talk so if you want your night to be filled with long deep chats this might not be the best idea..

Head Out On A Road Trip
Pick a destination and have a drive, take in the scenes and just explore. This is brilliant as you’re in each others company the whole time where you can play some cheesy music, have some conversations where you discus everything you’ve ever wanted. It can be done in rain or sunshine because your in the warmth and comfort of your own car with heaters and window wipers. Grab a souvenir of a key chain or pin badge to remember your night. You can pull over to grab some restaurant food, or hit up the drive thru whatever takes your fancy.
To make it extra cheesy you could always take a drive down memory lane and re-vist some places you met, or show each other where you grew up.

Vist A Local Landmark
Weather its a massive park to go on a walk, a museum or a cool attraction go act like tourists in your hometown. Do all the things any new comer to the landmark would do, take a bunch of pictures and admire the view and take some time to be grateful for what you have.

Go to an adventure park
Ride a ferris wheel, roller coaster or play a round a mini golf. Play the arcades and win some fluffy bears.

Eat a desert only dinner
Indulge on dessert for dinner at a ice cream parlour.

Take a night off
Put on your comfy clothes, take your make up off put your hair up.Jump in a bubble bath together. Phones away grab a pizza and binge watch netflix or a tv series. Light some candles and chill.

Dine at home
One of you or the pair of you together re create your favourite dish that you enjoy at the resultant or something similar. Set the table nicely like if you were dinning out. Maybe even go the whole way and make a desert.

Re-Create your first date
Remember the fist time you had a date? or hung out? Re create that, rent the dvd you saw at the cinema. Go back to that restaurant or attraction. Even if the date ended in a fail its what started you love story so go re live that moment.

Book an event.
A Comedian, a gig a tour of somewhere. An event that you can attend together and enjoy.

Go for a long walk 
On the beach, in the forrest or somewhere picture perfect.

Book a night away
Perfect for more rare date nights, book a night away in the city or somewhere on the coast.

These are just some ideas that i can think of its what suits you is best.
Where are your favourite places to go for a date?
Where was your worst date place you’ve ever been..




What Ive Been Loving & Catch Up..

So the last couple of weeks i has been absent from blogging, as i have been doing so much other bits and pieces that i haven’t really even been on my laptop much so i have a ton of youtube and blogs to catch up on this week luckily I’m free most of the week so i can play catch up.

So what have i been up t0?

  • Firstly i decided to do an advanced make up course which took up a fair chunk of my time, and even though i had previously already done a make up artist course i done this one to better myself really so i completed it yesterday and passed with a merit which I’m proud of.
  • Ive had some health issues and been on/off different medications and had appointments ect which have sometimes left me in a negative head space. Ive contemplated doing some posts on some of these subjects but I’m not sure.. Let me know in the comments?
  • It was my pups 2nd anniversary, on January 24th it was 2 years ago i got him. Which means his nearly 3 years old. Its honestly flown by, so to give him a treat i took him to the massive park and we had a massive adventure, then we stopped at the pet shop for some birthday treats on the way home.
  • So my partner is a die hard football fan and coming up is our 5 year anniversary so we went to an away match in Huddersfield and had a date night going to a comedy gig.

What I’ve Been Loving;

The first thing i have to say I’ve been loving and I’m sure 90% of the rest of the world is with me on this one. Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You.

Im not really a tv person but i have started watching Suits & Haters Back Off and to my surprise I’m really enjoying both.


Hair Care;
I happened to just pick this shampoo/conditioner set up as an off chance and its turned out to be my ultimate hair care routine. Ive noticed such a difference in my hair, it leaves my hair feeling nourished and soft which is something I’ve never had.


shop it here

The way i do it i wash my hair twice with the shampoo leaving it on for 2-4 minutes and massaging it fully into my scalp.
Then apply the conditioner using a wide tooth comb i comb through my hair i dont put the conditioner on my cult only the length of hair however as my roots get greasy really quick.

BIO Oil; Im a lover of face oil, i love adding it to my foundation or to cream make up products to make them more bendable.

Zoella’s Hand Cream; I got this for christmas and I’ve fallen in love with it. I use it multiple times a day on my hands and skin. I love the smell and how hydrating it is. Im so gutted that its only available for the winter time i would so use this all year round. I have managed it find it on amazon however –

Lip Smackers; I love these not just because of the luscious flavours but because there so light but hydrating on the lips. –

Lush Snow Fairy; Im still using up my bulk supply that i purchased this is beautiful i love it need i explain any more!

Whats Coming Up;

So were nearly in February which is the month of love.. I have a wicked blogger tag idea that I’m looking forward to doing from 1st of February.
Ive also changed the way i do my base foundation and it really works so I’m excited to show you this.

So keep a look out for some exciting blog posts.


My last post was a ‘review on a cinema light box’ 



LED Cinema Light Box Thoughts

LED Cinema boxes are becoming more and more popular there a little light box with letters where you can write your own phrase upon it and then light it up, its really simple but so effective.

After wanting one for months, but just not willing to pay £25 for one and they all looked to big for my dressing table and it would mean i would have to re arrange it all again i finally found a box within my budget and the perfect size for my needs.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 20.18.26.png

About the box;
A5 Sized – 210 x 148mm
85 Characters Included
Runs off AAA Batteries Or DC Plug.
£8 From the works. ** These are currently out of stock so i found an amazon alternative if you want to check it out; –

Setting Up;
I was chuffed with the light i couldn’t wait to get home and start putting it to use. When i took the light box out of the packaging i was confused to where the characters where but once i turned the box around i noticed theres a little compartment on the back to keep all the characters which i thought was such a good idea because one thing i always thought was I’m going to loose letters but this way its practically impossible. They also supply about 10 blank squares to write your own letters or use them as spaces or whatever your imagination allows you.. It was as simple unscrewing two screws popping the batteries in closing it up, choosing your phrase and turning the switch on.  So easy.

I am honestly chuffed with this, its the perfect size for what i need and its sturdy and its so easy to swap and change the characters. It lights up all really well and can be a really nice feature to any room.

Key Points; 
I love the letter storage on the back.
The changing of the letters are really easy, the only thing to bear in mind is to keep the box upright if not the letters will move around.
It lights up so well and can be used for so many different purposes.
The fact that its battery powered is amazing because it can be put anywhere and easily moved.

Here are some examples of the times i’ve used it; 

I love this it makes a beautiful additional feature to my dressing table. I really wish i got this sooner as it would have been really nice to have some festive ideas on here.

Packaging 4/5
Setting Up 5/5
Overall 5/5

I love this, its something i would honestly recommend to anyone there so multipurpose its amazing.


2016; A Look Back & 2017 Goals..

2016.. A year in the past, another book closed. Here is a look back of my year.. 

January – March; 

These 3 months pasted pretty fast;
January marked the year anniversary i got my little pup..
Myself & James went to London for the weekend in January and experienced Krispy Kreme Donuts. In March we celebrated our 4th Anniversary.

April – June; 

These months were some of my favourites, i spent a lot of time creating a beautiful bond with my Niece & Nephew i also had a lot of family time with my sister, dad & grandparents which are some of the most precious memories.
In April me & James went to 02 to see WWE live.
In May i went to see Busted, who were one of my childhood favourite bands they were amazing. We spent a lovely weekend in Wembley alongside this.

July – September; 

July started amazing, me & james had a weekend away in essex where i met Olly Murs..
The end of the month ended leaving me in one of the lowest places I’ve ever been when my dad sadly passed away.
To be honest August & September flew by and  was full of dark days and some of the hardest days I’ve ever been through, including the funeral.. I was lucky enough to have James by myside to keep me as up as possible. On one of the days he dragged me out the house we went to the summer time festival and saw some beautiful fireworks and i love this picture that was taken it has a ‘Peter Pan’ feel about it to me.

October – December; 

October was a really nice month its one of my favourite months anyway, i celebrated my 21st birthday, i took part in the October blogging challenge which was really fun and something i really enjoyed, We had Halloween to..
November we went to a panto, watched fantastic beasts and where to find them..
December was a festive month, i started blogmas but half way though i found myself emotional and not in the right head space to continue so i have had some time off. Christmas was really nice, but was also really hard as it was the first without my dad.

Now that chapter is over its time to start another one with 2017.

They say a new year is a new book which is up to you to fill, and that what i plan on doing this year.
Its all about keeping positive, and i plan on using my blog a whole lot more, in a way during 2016 i have neglected my blog which does upset me and i haven’t always been as constant at posting content that i would like.

2017 Goals; 

  • To be more consent with my blogs, to create quality content.
  • To remain as positive as can be.
  • To get a bit healthier. (not go on some mad fasting diet and change completely but just to the point that i feel happy with myself)
  • Save money.
  • Continue with my project pan.
  • Use my instagram & twitter more.

These are some of the main points i would like to do in 2017, i hope that by the end of the year i can tell you I’ve successfully completed them all but who knows..

I want to wish you all the best of health and happiness in 2017 💕


Weekend Highlights


Sorry this is bit late this week but here is this weekends highlights.


On Saturday using the supporters coach for the local football team we traveled way up north to Newcastle.

We left at 7am and finally arrived into Newcastle at 2pm, it was a super long journey but we had a couple of comfort breaks during. On arriving in Newcastle we walked over tyne bridge before heading through the city centre to get to St James’s Park we didn’t have much time to get into the ground before kick off so it was all so rushed, i would have loved to had a better look though the city centre but thats just unfortunate.

At newcastle we hiked up the 14 flights of stairs into the away supporters section where you could over look the city centre. The match then proceeded and Newcastle won 3-0.

After the match we were swiftly prompted back onto the coach for the start of the mammoth journey home. For most of the journey i watched some tv series on my iPad to help the time pass by. We had stops at service stations where i had the buy a Krispy Kreme, i always do whenever we stop at a service station its just a must.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 15.58.57.png

This was a Raspberry Zombie Ltd Edition For Halloween.

We got back home late into the night. Overall it was a tiring day with lots of travel but a really cool experience.


On Sunday we just watched a relaxed day, so we took merlin on a massive walk to get some fresh air, I think it was his longest walk ever how he walked back i do not know. Before having a chilled Sunday evening as per.