Look Book; Plus Size Fashion

Its spring in a few days time, but I’ve already made a transformation in my wardrobe to more spring outfits i dont really feel the cold so i dont layer up as much as some for this time of year. These are some of my favourite picks for this spring.




Leggings are my best friend i love leggings i own so many pairs and i have now found my all time favourite from simply be for only £8 there so comfortable.

As you can see the weather is still cold enough to pair my outfits with a jacket and boots but i dont have to fully wrap up in a coat which is bliss. 


aletheatrent x 



Date Night Ideas

Date Night;an arranged occasion on which an established couple go for a night out together.
Take one night a week for just you and your loved one and watch your relationship blossom. 

Date nights dont have to be the most expensive lavish night filled with a 4 course meal including champagne. A date night it what you and your loved one enjoy, take it as a open card to do whatever you want for the night. It doesn’t have to be a cinematic experience just something personal between the pair of you. You’ll find yourself memorising the dates more if they’re what you love then if your more concentrating on ‘oh Sally from work does this and everyone in the office loved it’

Dinner & Cinema
The classic idea when anyone says ‘date night‘ this idea is bound to be one of the first that pop into your head.
Start by going for a meal somewhere of your choice from a 5 star restaurant, your favourite cafe or even a cheeky mc Donald’s. Some of my date nights have ended up in Subway simply because its mine and my partners favourite convent food and it works for us!
Followed by a movie, now its a rare chance that you’re actually both going to agree on a movie so you will either be dragged into a chick flick or a manly action film which can be a downside to this date idea and also for the duration of the film you can’t talk so if you want your night to be filled with long deep chats this might not be the best idea..

Head Out On A Road Trip
Pick a destination and have a drive, take in the scenes and just explore. This is brilliant as you’re in each others company the whole time where you can play some cheesy music, have some conversations where you discus everything you’ve ever wanted. It can be done in rain or sunshine because your in the warmth and comfort of your own car with heaters and window wipers. Grab a souvenir of a key chain or pin badge to remember your night. You can pull over to grab some restaurant food, or hit up the drive thru whatever takes your fancy.
To make it extra cheesy you could always take a drive down memory lane and re-vist some places you met, or show each other where you grew up.

Vist A Local Landmark
Weather its a massive park to go on a walk, a museum or a cool attraction go act like tourists in your hometown. Do all the things any new comer to the landmark would do, take a bunch of pictures and admire the view and take some time to be grateful for what you have.

Go to an adventure park
Ride a ferris wheel, roller coaster or play a round a mini golf. Play the arcades and win some fluffy bears.

Eat a desert only dinner
Indulge on dessert for dinner at a ice cream parlour.

Take a night off
Put on your comfy clothes, take your make up off put your hair up.Jump in a bubble bath together. Phones away grab a pizza and binge watch netflix or a tv series. Light some candles and chill.

Dine at home
One of you or the pair of you together re create your favourite dish that you enjoy at the resultant or something similar. Set the table nicely like if you were dinning out. Maybe even go the whole way and make a desert.

Re-Create your first date
Remember the fist time you had a date? or hung out? Re create that, rent the dvd you saw at the cinema. Go back to that restaurant or attraction. Even if the date ended in a fail its what started you love story so go re live that moment.

Book an event.
A Comedian, a gig a tour of somewhere. An event that you can attend together and enjoy.

Go for a long walk 
On the beach, in the forrest or somewhere picture perfect.

Book a night away
Perfect for more rare date nights, book a night away in the city or somewhere on the coast.

These are just some ideas that i can think of its what suits you is best.
Where are your favourite places to go for a date?
Where was your worst date place you’ve ever been..



Its beginning to look a lot like christmas

Today there was a little Christmas fair on down the local park, instead of boring you with a bunch of writing i took a bunch of snippets to show you my day in pictures.

Outfit Of The Day


New Look Leather Jacket
Blanket Scarf
Asda Wonder Jeans
Roll Neck Top
Primark Boots
With my go to autumn make up

The Park;

The park looked so beautiful filled with lovely orange toned autumnal trees.


I love going to little festive outings like this, to me its what the lead up to christmas is all about. It was a really nice little event, the rain held off right until the end which made it even better.





How I Do My Blog Pictures;- Flat Lays

How I do my blog pictures; Flat lays. 

Flat lay blog & instagram pictures are all the must, so i thought i would show you how i do my flat lay’s.

Here are a selection of my flat lays. 

Personally i prefer my flat lays on a white background, to do this i actually have a white board, which is off an old ikea chest of draws.
You can make your own with a piece of polystyrene or any other board of wood then cover it in a sticky back plastic to create a background.

I place the board nearest to the natural light source which generally speaking is on my bed near the window.
These are the days that i miss the summer when i used to actually go outside to take my pictures because natural light makes the best pictures.

The dull autumn days means that theres limited natural light so i have purchased a little light for the times that flash just isn’t doing it. Ive never wanted to splurge on studio lights so when i found this on amazon for under £15 i had to try it, i highly recommend it for anyone on a budget and that needs an additional light source for photos.

To break the photos up and to add a pop of colour i have a range of props, from note pads & wall hangers to photo cards.


These photo cards i purchased from paper chase for 70p each. I go for ones that will add a pop into the pictures. 

Its not all about having the best camera, you can easily take these pictures on a iPhone as the camera quality on them now is amazing, i still use my phone on occasions for quickness if theres just an odd photo that i need to take.
If you are going to invest in a camera i would recommend a DSLR and you can pick many of them up at an entry affordable price now.
I personally have the Cannon D1200 with a standard lens i was lucky enough to have this gifted to me last christmas, and i love it.

Unless you are extremely talented its very rare that you will take a picture and it will be perfect right away with no form of editing. When i say editing it doesn’t necessarily mean photoshopping the whole picture, editing can be from cropping a little bit where you can see excess background to lightening the picture.
As i have a macbook i use the editor on the photo album which is the exact same as any iPhone or iPad editor for me this is perfect because i only tend to crop the picture and then adjust the lightness and brightness and thats all i feel i need to do to make my pictures ready. There are a ton of photo editing programs available, but i haven’t ever personally got on with any including the hyped about photoshop.
If for some reason i need to do a deeper edit i will use a online based editor one of the following usually;

Pic Monkey


After this my pictures are ready to use on my Blog or Instagram here are a selection that i have done using the above methods.


I hope you find this helpful!