Look Book; Plus Size Fashion

Its spring in a few days time, but I’ve already made a transformation in my wardrobe to more spring outfits i dont really feel the cold so i dont layer up as much as some for this time of year. These are some of my favourite picks for this spring.




Leggings are my best friend i love leggings i own so many pairs and i have now found my all time favourite from simply be for only £8 there so comfortable.

As you can see the weather is still cold enough to pair my outfits with a jacket and boots but i dont have to fully wrap up in a coat which is bliss. 


aletheatrent x 



Date Night Outfits

Date night outfits; its best to find an outfit that your comfortable in and fits the occasion that your going to. To dress it up add some heels.
Here are a selection of outfits i have previously worn.

1 – Plain white tee. Jeans & Boots.
2 – Jumper, Leggings Boots
3 – Jeans Tee, Jacket and boots.
4 – leggings, sleeveless top and a scarf wrap.
5 – High neck & Jeans
6 – Leggins & Demin jacket.
7- Jumper and leggings.
8- Cami & Leggings.

As you can see most of my outfits are quite simple and plain as its just my style to be honest but these are a selection of outfits i have worn to certain date nights.



Outfit Of The Day

Outfit Of The Day;

Here is an outfit of the day;
The weather was mild so i used a few layers to keep warm and i wore my new boots for the first time..

From top – toe. 

Headband; – This is a cute little tie up head band that i got from primark in there sale for 50P. I dont normally wear these but i really liked this and its urged me to buy more..

Scarf; – My go to scarf, this is my favourite of all time its a massive blanket scarf from Primark it was £4 and its one of the best scarfs I’ve ever had.

Cami Top; – I have a cami top on just for an extra layer of warmth.

Jumper; – This is a lovely jumper top that i got for christmas, its a really pretty grey with a lace lining on the bottom. Its from yours but i dont think they stock it no more.

Jeans;– Asda George wonderfit jeans. These are a life changer! Ive never felt comfortable in jeans until i wore these. There a jean material but so stretchy and comfortable. I highly recommend these to anyone. Asda sell them for £25.

Boots; – These are the slip on wide fit boots from Primark, I got them in the sale for £7. They have a really nice heel to them, and i love wearing them with jeans.

This is a really casual look its an outfit i just wore to nip into town, but i feel it can be worn in a more formal situation also.


2016; A Look Back & 2017 Goals..

2016.. A year in the past, another book closed. Here is a look back of my year.. 

January – March; 

These 3 months pasted pretty fast;
January marked the year anniversary i got my little pup..
Myself & James went to London for the weekend in January and experienced Krispy Kreme Donuts. In March we celebrated our 4th Anniversary.

April – June; 

These months were some of my favourites, i spent a lot of time creating a beautiful bond with my Niece & Nephew i also had a lot of family time with my sister, dad & grandparents which are some of the most precious memories.
In April me & James went to 02 to see WWE live.
In May i went to see Busted, who were one of my childhood favourite bands they were amazing. We spent a lovely weekend in Wembley alongside this.

July – September; 

July started amazing, me & james had a weekend away in essex where i met Olly Murs..
The end of the month ended leaving me in one of the lowest places I’ve ever been when my dad sadly passed away.
To be honest August & September flew by and  was full of dark days and some of the hardest days I’ve ever been through, including the funeral.. I was lucky enough to have James by myside to keep me as up as possible. On one of the days he dragged me out the house we went to the summer time festival and saw some beautiful fireworks and i love this picture that was taken it has a ‘Peter Pan’ feel about it to me.

October – December; 

October was a really nice month its one of my favourite months anyway, i celebrated my 21st birthday, i took part in the October blogging challenge which was really fun and something i really enjoyed, We had Halloween to..
November we went to a panto, watched fantastic beasts and where to find them..
December was a festive month, i started blogmas but half way though i found myself emotional and not in the right head space to continue so i have had some time off. Christmas was really nice, but was also really hard as it was the first without my dad.

Now that chapter is over its time to start another one with 2017.

They say a new year is a new book which is up to you to fill, and that what i plan on doing this year.
Its all about keeping positive, and i plan on using my blog a whole lot more, in a way during 2016 i have neglected my blog which does upset me and i haven’t always been as constant at posting content that i would like.

2017 Goals; 

  • To be more consent with my blogs, to create quality content.
  • To remain as positive as can be.
  • To get a bit healthier. (not go on some mad fasting diet and change completely but just to the point that i feel happy with myself)
  • Save money.
  • Continue with my project pan.
  • Use my instagram & twitter more.

These are some of the main points i would like to do in 2017, i hope that by the end of the year i can tell you I’ve successfully completed them all but who knows..

I want to wish you all the best of health and happiness in 2017 💕


Its beginning to look a lot like christmas

Today there was a little Christmas fair on down the local park, instead of boring you with a bunch of writing i took a bunch of snippets to show you my day in pictures.

Outfit Of The Day


New Look Leather Jacket
Blanket Scarf
Asda Wonder Jeans
Roll Neck Top
Primark Boots
With my go to autumn make up

The Park;

The park looked so beautiful filled with lovely orange toned autumnal trees.


I love going to little festive outings like this, to me its what the lead up to christmas is all about. It was a really nice little event, the rain held off right until the end which made it even better.





Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

This time of year is all about the bright lips and nude eyes to make a very minimal makeup routine look fabulous. One product i find so beautiful are the SEVENTEEN Mega Matte Lipsticks.

About The Lipstick;

The formula is a very non drying matte formula, and is highly pigmented. 
They last forever and dont smudge.
There are currently 12 different shades available. 
The packaging is a black sleek lightweight bullet which looks very classy.
Handbag friendly.


1: Exfoliate and moisturise your lips.
2: Apply colour starting at the centre of the upper lip and moving outwards to each corner filling in all the gaps. Apply to your bottom lip filling from left to right.


Avoid rubbing your lips together for a smoother finish.
Use a concealer to sculpt around your lips to give more definition.
Use a lip liner.
Blot lips with tissue then reapply for an even more intense colour

Where? How Much?

SEVENTEEN are products exclusively available to boots.
RRP £4.49

Overall Thoughts?

I really love these lipsticks, there something i find myself reaching for so often. I love that there non trying unlike other matte lipsticks that are on the market. There lightweight packaging makes them so easy to just pop in your handbag. I think these should be so much more popular than what they are.






Im Off To See The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz.

This is a follow me around sort of post and this one features a trip to the theatre. 

Thursday 24th November;

We booked tickets to go see The Wizard Of Oz back at the beginning of the year, and it feels like it has taken forever for the day to finally come around. I love going to the theatre, we go every christmas to the christmas show, and normally to at least one other throughout the year.

Outfit Of The Night;
I really fancied dressing up and doing a full glam look, and as we we were going to the theatre and it was a date night i thought why not. I love this outfit as a whole.

The Top – Simply Be. I Got this last year in there sale and they no longer sell it, its just a strapless t-shirt.
Leggings – Just standard black leggings, i love wearing this as a combo as it gives the illusion of a jumpsuit.
I felt nun of my kimonos looked right so as a cover up i used my blanket scarf as a wrap around it it added a pop of colour.
Primark Dolly Shoes 

Make Up; 

For makeup i went with my Autumn Make Up Routine as this has been my go to makeup the last month.
Then using straighteners i done some loose curls/waves throughout my hair to make it look more done as i didn’t fancy it just straightened.

For the performance we were only about four rows from the front so our seats were really close but they were really good seats. I obviously couldn’t take any pictures during the performance, but it was amazing. There were so many talented performers from ages the age of 6+, and they used a real dog which was super cute he was so good and so well trained i couldn’t help but just watch him the whole time.

How cute it he!?



Theres no way to describe a theatre experience to anyone that hasn’t been but i highly recommend anyone going to at least one performance they’re out of this world. Its my dream to go to the west end.