What Ive Been Loving & Catch Up..

So the last couple of weeks i has been absent from blogging, as i have been doing so much other bits and pieces that i haven’t really even been on my laptop much so i have a ton of youtube and blogs to catch up on this week luckily I’m free most of the week so i can play catch up.

So what have i been up t0?

  • Firstly i decided to do an advanced make up course which took up a fair chunk of my time, and even though i had previously already done a make up artist course i done this one to better myself really so i completed it yesterday and passed with a merit which I’m proud of.
  • Ive had some health issues and been on/off different medications and had appointments ect which have sometimes left me in a negative head space. Ive contemplated doing some posts on some of these subjects but I’m not sure.. Let me know in the comments?
  • It was my pups 2nd anniversary, on January 24th it was 2 years ago i got him. Which means his nearly 3 years old. Its honestly flown by, so to give him a treat i took him to the massive park and we had a massive adventure, then we stopped at the pet shop for some birthday treats on the way home.
  • So my partner is a die hard football fan and coming up is our 5 year anniversary so we went to an away match in Huddersfield and had a date night going to a comedy gig.

What I’ve Been Loving;

The first thing i have to say I’ve been loving and I’m sure 90% of the rest of the world is with me on this one. Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You.

Im not really a tv person but i have started watching Suits & Haters Back Off and to my surprise I’m really enjoying both.


Hair Care;
I happened to just pick this shampoo/conditioner set up as an off chance and its turned out to be my ultimate hair care routine. Ive noticed such a difference in my hair, it leaves my hair feeling nourished and soft which is something I’ve never had.


shop it here

The way i do it i wash my hair twice with the shampoo leaving it on for 2-4 minutes and massaging it fully into my scalp.
Then apply the conditioner using a wide tooth comb i comb through my hair i dont put the conditioner on my cult only the length of hair however as my roots get greasy really quick.

BIO Oil; Im a lover of face oil, i love adding it to my foundation or to cream make up products to make them more bendable.

Zoella’s Hand Cream; I got this for christmas and I’ve fallen in love with it. I use it multiple times a day on my hands and skin. I love the smell and how hydrating it is. Im so gutted that its only available for the winter time i would so use this all year round. I have managed it find it on amazon however – http://amzn.to/2kCbIk4

Lip Smackers; I love these not just because of the luscious flavours but because there so light but hydrating on the lips. – http://amzn.to/2k6lGua

Lush Snow Fairy; Im still using up my bulk supply that i purchased this is beautiful i love it need i explain any more!

Whats Coming Up;

So were nearly in February which is the month of love.. I have a wicked blogger tag idea that I’m looking forward to doing from 1st of February.
Ive also changed the way i do my base foundation and it really works so I’m excited to show you this.

So keep a look out for some exciting blog posts.


My last post was a ‘review on a cinema light box’ 




What I Done This Week..

A look back into my first full week of 2017. This week was a chill out week

The day after New Years Day, we literally just spent the day relaxing watching some movies and doing nothing, it was bank holiday so there wasn’t much to do.

I spent the day as a pamper day, i done my nails had the longest bath and then just chilled before settling down to watch the start of Celebrity Big Brother.

Was the day i went to town to decide to spend some of my Christmas pennies, it was a cross of the left over boxing day sales and the January sales so i picked up some real good bargins.

We decided to walk off some of the Christmas food and took the pup for a really long walk down the country park.

Another chilled day at home getting some blog posts ready and planning our trip to harry potter studios..

Football day, We nipped into town before heading off to the Ipswich Town Vs Lincoln City match.

My favourite days, we took the pup for a walk then chilled in front of the tv.


Vlogmas; Who to watch?

Vlogmas is massive this year just is blogmas. I thought i would share some links to some of my favourite youtubers who are taking part in vlogmas this year. I hope you enjoy watching these vlogs!


Zoella  Ebony Day  Robowecop  Tom Boys  Adam Waithe  Emily Canham  Jake Boys



A Day In The Life

Day #30 of October blogging challenge 


A Day In The Life

Today I’m back with another day in the life, this is a Sunday edition i love Sundays I’m quite old traditions and think that a Sunday should be a day of rest or family ended with a gravy dinner and a pampering bath..

So the day started off like any other, with a mug of coffee and some toast. Yes it is heart shaped i was feeling artistic!

During the morning i decided to bake some chocolate cupcakes, half were funfetti half were standard. I didn’t ice these as i actually ran out of icing, So i have just left them plain which is something i dont usually do.

110G Of Self Rasing Flour
110G Of Melted Butter
3 Eggs
110G Caster Sugar
110G Of Coco Powder
2-4 Tbsp Milk
This recipe is meant for 12 cupcakes or 9/10 larger cupcakes. 

Start by sifting all your dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl, then in a separate bowl combing melted butter, milk and the eggs together then making a well in the dry ingredients slowly poor the liquids in and combine together until smooth. Spoon the mixture into the cases before baking at 150 degrees for about 18 minutes.


After baking we took our pup and headed out on a nice walk down the country park as we usually do on a Sunday.

We walked for about 2hours in total, we love going down here on a Sunday its so beautiful its miles of just greenery its a lovely nature place with the beautiful water front and beach.   Our puppy loves to run and dig through the autumn leaves.

Outfit Of The Day;

Roll Neck Shirt – New Look
Jeggings – Ebay
Jacket – New Look
Snood – Simply Be
Shoes – Primark


When we got back I made ‘bangers & mash’ before putting the candles on to relax and having the ultimate pampering bath face masks included!

This is my perfect Sunday! What do you like to do?!


Weekend Highlights

Day #11 of the October blogging challenge


Weekend Highlights

So this post has fallen on the most chilled weekend i have had for ages, it was a real chilled weekend and it was all about family time..

On Friday i went to the cinema, as I’ve mentioned before i have a cinema card so i see lots of movies.. We watched The Girl on The Train. Its amazing i highly recommend watching this and got a cheeky ice cream.. On the way home we nipped to do our shopping and got the worlds biggest pizza from Sainsburys fresh section it was amazing!


I spent the day babysitting my 3 Year Old Nephew And 1 Year Old Niece, I adore them and love spending time with them so when i got asked to baby sit them for the day i couldn’t of been more happier. I hadn’t seen them in what seemed forever so it was the best to spend some quality time together and see how much they’re going up. My cousin also popped around swell so it was a real family day.. I haven’t included any pictures because i dont want put them out on the internet… 

Sunday’s to me should be spent relaxing I’m a true traditionalist when it comes to Sunday’s and i think they should all end with a nice roast or home meal.. I took my dog for a nice long walk down the country park, i love this time of year and a nice walk in the fresh air is always so freshing. After when we got home i jumped into  lovely warm bath and had a pamper session the other must on a Sunday! I gave myself a fresh manicure to, before settling down for the evening with candles, fairy lights & a movie before watching the only way is marbs (TOWIE). All ready for the new week to begin.


This was my weekend, its the first weekend in so long that I’ve spent at home doing not much, but it was so nice…


Yesterday’s post was my makeup of the day…




This week i went away to london for the night to see busted on there pigs can fly tour, i made my first ever vlog styled video for you to see what i got up to!

Go check it out!;


I also have made two very exciting purchases which i cannot wait to show you! x