Look Book; Plus Size Fashion

Its spring in a few days time, but I’ve already made a transformation in my wardrobe to more spring outfits i dont really feel the cold so i dont layer up as much as some for this time of year. These are some of my favourite picks for this spring.




Leggings are my best friend i love leggings i own so many pairs and i have now found my all time favourite from simply be for only £8 there so comfortable.

As you can see the weather is still cold enough to pair my outfits with a jacket and boots but i dont have to fully wrap up in a coat which is bliss. 


aletheatrent x 



What to wear;- Autumn Edition


Autumn; My favourite season, the transition season between summer and winter. 
Everything is golden orange and brown toned. Theres crisp leaves on the floor and the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin are lurking around ever corner. 

As you well know by now I’m no fashion expert and i wouldn’t consider myself as highly fashionable, I’m the typical casual wear person.
The question i ask myself regularly throughout is ‘what shall I wear?’, Its to cold for just a t-shirt and kimono but to humid for a coat and loads of layers its all about finding that in-between.

Here are some of my recent outfits from the start of Autumn.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 16.47.40.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 12.32.13.png

This week is the start of my wardrobe transition, and i plan on doing some serious online shopping so I’ve been stalking out some sales and outfit ideas.. I have found a new reconnected love for new look of late and have been purchasing more clothing off there then ever before.

What I’m Looking Into Purchasing; 

Roll Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirts.
Jumpers Knitted & Non Kitted – Thin & Thick.
Gillet (Body Warmer)
Bomber Jacket
Bat Wing T Shirts
3/4 Arm Length T-shirts.
Long Line Shirts.
More Leggings to add to my loads i already have!

Autumn 2016 Trends;

Bomber Jackets;– There the new in trend and theres so many different sorts. From different pattens to different finishes. Im on the search for one but haven’t found one that takes my eye as of yet.

Body Suits;– Body suits all in ones are something I’m seeing more and more, personally there not for me, they just remind me of a ballet dancer outfit and i seriously can’t even begin to imagine how some people find them comfortable to wear.

Roll Neck/Turtle Neck Tee’s;- These are something amazing for autumn, they can provide that bit of extra warmth on chilly evenings, and can be used in so many different outfit ways.

What to wear?

When I have these I can then start putting some outfit ideas together, mainly it will be a tshirt for a layer then a jumper with leggings and shoes. Or leggings with a nice tshirt and jacket. It will be more winter months when I wear my coats and heavier jumpers. For warmth I can finish my outfit with a snood.

For Any Plus Sized Beauties.

For any plus sized beauties i have seen online a river island curve collection, its in limited stores but available on river island or asos. I love the fact that there bring more plus size ranges out at many shops that plus sized beauties would have been isolated from shopping in. 

Can we talk about jackets and coats; there are some people out there that say you only need one coat/jacket but I’m one of these people that like to have multiple chooses because i think to myself well i can put on a lovely tunic but once i put a jacket on your not going to see it so i think surely you would rather have some different jackets to swap about? What do you think? Lots of jackets? Or just One?